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Good night ragers

Good Night!
It is truly bedtime.  We enjoyed a wonderful day at Mr B's festival today.

Now we're on the way to Wilkesboro, NC for Merle Fest.

My manager has quite a day scheduled for me:

10:30am - 12:30pm  Rehearsal with Merles Girls at the Walker Center

  1:00pm -                 Get ready for our show

 2:50pm   -  3:35pm  Rv Rage Performance at the Watson Stage

 5:00pm   -  5:30pm  Autographs

 6:45pm   -  7:30pm  Merles Girls Performance at the Watson Stage

   Hopefully dinner somewhere in this time frame.

12 Midnight -  Rv Rage performance on the Midnight Jam at the Walker Center
We will play first, in order to leave and make our way to the Cornbread Festival!

Time to rest up for tomorrow.  Good night and pleasant dreams!

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