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It's been a very long weekend.  Lots of fun, not much sleep.

Sure hope I can sleep in  in the morning. I've been up at 4:45am the last 2 mornings to run to the airport.  I'm really afraid that I'll be getting in the habit of that early wake up call.  YIKES!

Hunter already said NOT to wake him up tomorrow. We'll be lucky if he gets up before 5pm. 

Great to see many of you last weekend!!  Special thanks to The Dawg for his wonderful contribution to the children in South Pittsburg.  You're a good man!

Great to see Chris Jo also. 

Many of you know Bill Shepherd.  He and Nell were in South Pittsburg.  He sent an email today, and is happy to report his cancer is in remission, though he still suffers with other issues; he is hoping to regain his strength, and make the trip to Sally Mountain this year.

You all are very special. Thank you for your support of the music, and allowing me to live this wonderful dream. 

Good Night!
The Ol' Dawg

Don't worry, Queen - The Ol' Dawg gets up every mornin' at 4 AM - It won't kill you !!!   Sure was good to see Y'all again - It had been way too long. Glad Y'all made it back home safely.

Good Morning RV and Dawg! Yeah Rhonda.....there's nothing wrong with being up at 4:45 am

What wonderful news about Bill!!! Richard and I have been wondering how he was doing. We sure missed seeing him and Nell last year at Sally Mountain.
Tom Alman
Good morning your Majesty. Mike and Prez@! My wish is to see you again Rhonda! hopefully soon! "Happy Trails To You"!!!

Chris JO
It was GREAT seeing you and the Rage again Rhonda!  Thanks for the Rocky Top shout out...you're the best! 

It was good to see Dawg and Squiggles again too...I hope to be getting back into festival mode soon!!
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