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Have a great weekend!!!!  
Mike G.
Good Morning Julia, Rhonda & Ragers,

    We didn't get any Snow last Night, so the Weekend is starting off great.  I'm off to work shortly and I think "Taken" will be today's choice of Music for the ride in.  Mike G.
Whitey & Linda

Hi All, hope you have a great day!!  Linda

Mike B
Good morning y'all!  I'm spending the day preparing for our forecast Winter storm Sunday night-Monday morning.  Bring it on!!!
Have a great day!
Snow Snow Snow! I'm ready for some RV&R
Mike B
You've got that right, Susan!  Ragin' season probably won't start 'til March for us, but I'm ready for it!!!
Charles Flanary
Good morning everybody,Ragin starts this coming week for me!!!


GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GO PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Seton Hall, that is)

Mike G.
Hey P.S. how that working out for Ya?
Syracuse     61
Seton Hall   56
Dear Herby

Mike G....I can tell ya what PS stands for, but I won't on here. Maybe the Prez can delete all his posts!!!! Then he can crawl back into his cave and leave us alone!!!

Dear Herby
BTW... I'm heading to Moms for fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and homemade peach pie. Peaches compliments of Sodus Point, NY.
Have a great day!!!
Mike G.
Good Morning Doc,

    Peach Pie sure sounds good even for Breakfast this Morning!  Your Mamma sure knows what a Man likes!  Mike G.
Gary Kennedy
The Pirates are a better team than the Oranges, but they lost because they were using a round ball (same problem that the other Pirates have).

Good news!  I just bought a new computer for the cave, so now I should be able to post every day.  This is going to be great!

Here's to a safe trip for the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE as they travel the highway home.  Be careful out there in the wild west!
Good Morning from Idaho!!
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