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Sweet Brenda & Him
Time for the Sweet Brenda & Him Show on the Bobcat 7 - 10am

Check us out on http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com we play the Best Bluegrass Gospel music around.

Call toll free 1-800-849-4146 or email us right here.
Good Morning Sweet Brenda!!

I just got home from taking care of 3 of my cousins. What a workout! haha They are a handful but SO much fun! I'm crazy to say this but I think I'd prefer having all boys.

Sorry I won't be able to tune in this morning....I'm going to bed....

Have a great day!!
Good Morning Ragers!!
Sweet Brenda & Him
Courtney, I can understand have a good nap.

Good Morning Julia & Richard
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Brenda & Calvin,

    Just can't miss the opening Bluegrass Brothers Song!  Have a great Show.  Mike G.
Jim G

Good Sunday Morning to ya  julia  courtney  & all Ragers everywhere. Its raining here but hope everyone enjoys the day.

Sweet Brenda & Him
Jim, it maybe raining there but we are going to put sun shine in your heart.

HI, Mike & Brenda
Don A.

Hi Sweet Brenda & Him & Good Morning to All,

Just got home from work and have you tuned in, until I fall asleep, which hopefully isn't until 10.

Everyone have a great day, and thanks for playing my favorite ...... Bluegrass Gospel.

Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning, Don & Ann

Have a good nap after the show.
Good Sunday Morning!!!  

Just woke up!  Slept 12 hours last night.  WOW!!!

I could've called you at 5 am if you didn't want to sleep that long
That's WHY I slept that long Prez!  
Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning,

You go girl...I know you needed it. 

Thanks for listening.
I'd LIKE to sleep that long....but I have this Boss who......oh never mind
Sweet Brenda

I'm not going there.

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