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Sounding great Brenda!!!!

It's time to pop in the hot rollers.

  I'll be listening as I get ready for Sunday school! 

Sweet Brenda & Him
Thanks for listening this morning.

Have a great day.

wow, I almost missed the party.

Bill Hinson

Me to Harry. Good morning everyone.

Looks like I'm gonna need a Bob Cat Tech.

As I'm listening to the show, all of a sudden it switches back to when I tuned in; and re-plays everything. 

I click out, and hit the Bob Cat Mic again, but it's started clicking back to the front, over and over.


 (Not that I don't want to hear Calvin read the prayer list 10 tens.)  

Sweet Brenda
Harry & Bill

Glad you both made it. 
Its doing the same here too Rhonda. Looks like we both need to download the update for Quicktime.
Sweet Brenda
OK, is it something I can do here?

Don A.

It's working fine, north of the border, even after it goes through Customs.

Let me guess Prez...it's a MAC issue??  
No Comment Actually I don't know, it seems like it loses connection for a second with the stream which causes it to go back to the beginning.
It's gone off twice, and I hit refresh both times...and THAT WORKED!!

But if I don't catch it right when it goes off, it goes to the beginning of when I tuned in, and I have to restart it from the Bob Cat Page.

But REFRESH WORKED!!  That is good news.

Someone call Mom and tell her I'm gonna be late for Sunday school.

I'm too busy playing on the computer.  

Think she'll understand??  

Don A.

Thanks, Sweet Brenda & Him, for another great Sunday morning of Bluegrass Gospel. 

Have a great Sunday.

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