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I hope I was listening right.

For some reason, I've been stuck on "Peace in the Valley" for a while now. I think you would do an awesome job on it.

There ya go. That's my suggestion so far. haha
Don A.

One that I think would be a great addition to an RV Gospel DVD is "Family Bible".
One of my all time favorites.  This is one of the greatest songs written by Willie Nelson, although he sold the rights to it back in the late 1950's, for $50. 

Mike B
My 2 cents - "Beulah Land" and an early Hank Williams song "Calling You".
I agree with Mike  "Beulah Land" and " Mama's Teaching Angel's How To Sing''


How about a RVR version of Ronnie Bowman's 'Three Rusty Nails'?

Brenda A

A beautiful song written by the late Dottie Rambo called "Come Spring".

I would love to hear Rhonda do "Softly and Tenderly" as an a-cappella harmony vocal with the band. This hymn has comforted countless generations of Americans in times of need, and would be a wonderful choice for her stunning voice.

I would also suggest an all-instrumental number, along the lines of what Blue Highway did for "Old Rugged Cross" on their gospel album. "Amazing Grace", with good solo parts for Rhonda and the Rage could be very special.

Hunter could really shine in that hymn... a little quiet contemplation at the start, the solo fiddle begins the melody, and the rest join in as the verses progress.

I love Rhonda's idea of making this record in a church that is special to her and her mom and family. That would give it an extra spirit of love and worship.

Just some thoughts...

Robert Hall
 I could list a lot of gospel songs I have heard other artists sing I enjoy a lot,but aren't the usual "standards"..I'm not sure if they would be "right" for Rhonda to do a cover of though..to me,once I hear a song by one particular artist,it becomes "their" song,if that makes any sense to anyone but me!.

Some of the ones I like are:

"On The Wings Of An Angel" ,written by Don Schlitz and Holly Dunn
(this song was played at one of my best friends funeral,he was a huge fan of Holly, and got to meet her many times..)

"The Preacher Wont Have To Lie"..I'm not sure who wrote it,but I heard it on a Lee Ann Womack CD

"Going To Where I'm Bound"...heard Patty Loveless do that one on her "Long Stretch Of Lonesome" CD...killer song!..

"Jesus,Help Me To Stand"..heard it on Alison Krauss's "Collection of Hits" CD

" When I Reach The Place I'm Going ,and "Testify" by Wynonna

"There's Only One",and "Just A Closer Walk With Thee",
--those two, I only heard recently, sung by Sara Evans,on a radio show called "The American Christian Music Review" (The ACMR)..they have a syndicated one hour show that gets played on Sunday mornings on a local station here..Its a good program that plays gospel by country and Bluegrass artists,including our sweet Rhonda!...
One Sunday at 6 am,I awoke and heard Rhonda on my radio,and I thought I was either dreaming,or had left my CD player on all night--but her song "If You Dont Love Your Neighbor" was being played on that show!..It was the first time I'd ever heard Rhonda on the radio up here!..

I head a new song by Gene Watson on that show also last week,
titled "Over There"....

I like all of Rhonda's gospel songs best though--"Fishers Of Men","If You Dont Love Your Neighbor","Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill",and "Jesus Built A Bridge To Heaven",just to name but a few..I'm sure no matter what song Rhonda decides to sing,it will sound heavenly..


This is kinda a random one, but I've always been hooked on Martina McBride's version of "Reluctant Daughter" I think it's such a beautiful song and could easily be made bluegrass. I always say that Martina is the Rhonda Vincent of country music and really believe you could nail that song.
I've never heard that one Ragin' Cagin'.  I'll check it out!

Thanks for the suggestion!

John S
Rhonda ...
There's a 1977 song, called The Sun's Coming Up In The Morning written by Dee Gaskin ... awesome song and message.
Momma's Teaching Angels How to Sing has always been a favorite ... written by Dottie Rambo
The Holy Hills of Heaven Call me ... another D. Rambo song
And there's a Hinson's song called The Light House ... simply powerful
And what about Looking For a City by the Happy Goodman's?
But really ... we as your fans will appreciate anything you do
Mike B
I agree, John, about "the Sun's Coming Up...".  I have a version recorded by a local quartet in 2000.  Awesome song!

Charles Flanary
Rhonda my suggestion is "When the Roll is called up Yonder"taken right out of the hymnal.It was my granddads favorite and was sung at his and my dads funeral and what a testimony.

how about "Give me jesus" I would love to hear a bluegrass version of it the grascals have a version on youtube but it would be wounderful if you did on your dvd its a beautifal song

I totally agree with "Beulah Land" and "The LightHouse" two of my favorites!!!
Some others that stuck out to me, that I just love are:
"Blessed Assurance"
"How Great Thou Art"
"Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
"His Eye is on the Sparrow"
"Unclouded Day"
I am sure whatever you chose will be such a blessing to all of us!
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