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Susie Ross
Rhonda, Such a perfect setting for a gospel DVD.  How about Daddy's Hands, this was played for Lloyd's dad funeral and a bluegrass twist would be great.

Love  & Blessings Rhonda,
Thank you for a wonderful time in Missouri,
Can we have?

I am hoping that we have a CD  ... I can't play a DVD in my cars CD player


How about a gospel DVD & a CD.

I especially agree with Robert Hall's comments:
"I like all of Rhonda's gospel songs best though--"Fishers Of Men","If You Dont Love Your Neighbor","Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill"" , in that order too!
I have thought for a while that Rhonda could do a real nice version of "Nearer My God To Thee".
No, really. Think about it as a haunting solo with just a hint of Hunter in the background.
Charlie K

I second the suggestions of Blessed Assurance and How Great Thou Art. You could knock these outa the park, Rhonda!


One of my favorites : "Sheltered in the Arms of God" by Dottie Rambo. 

Steve C

Hey Rhonda, How about a song with Jamie and Darren, perhaps "I'll Fly Away"

John S
I do an a-capella duet/sometimes trio version of Grace Greater Than All Our Sin from our church hymnal (page 84 in the Nazarene Hymnal Sing To The Lord )
The harmony of this song is off the chain and would be an awesome a -capella song for you and The Rage
Jane H
I know I will be one of the happiest fans for whatever RV+R record. Due to my work,I spend at least 3hrs each Sunday driving,and listen to gospel music, I NEED a new gospel CD!!

2 special to me:
In The Garden
Morning Has Broken (aka St Christophers' Breastplate)

2 I enjoyed as a youngster,then taught in Sunday School:
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Let US Break Bread Together

Hi Rhonda,

How about the song "Angel Band"? There is also a really pretty song from the Daughters of Bluegrass CD called "Let Their Sins be Mine". I don't know who wrote it or who sings it on the CD, but it is on the "Back to the Well" CD. I think you have a good voice for that song.

how about a song i herd sang by charlie pride//// did you think to pray... my favorite
My favorite gospel song is Glory Road I am not sure of the writer. I know the Trio sang it.  The song is usually sang with one verse.  I found one somewhere on the net that I sing as the second verse:

Verse 1
Is this road that you're travelin' dark, deserted or dim?
Is there hope for tomorrow, put your trust in Him.
On this glory road I'm traveling
Many times I stumble on my way
But praise the Lord I'll soon be leaving
For that land of perfect peace and endless day 

Now I can see.. The lights of home...
And I can see...Him on His throne...
I'm too near.. to turn back now....
Oh praise the Lord... I'm heaven bound...
When my journey here shall end... I'll say goodbye to this world of sin
In that fair Land...I'll take my stand...
It's good to be on the road to Glory-land

Verse 2
When I get to that city, I'll walk on street of pure gold,
I will drink some living water and hear the story yet untold
Now Mark and John will surely greet me
All my loved ones waiting for me too
But when i see the face of Jesus
I'll be shouting up and down that avenue.


Rhonda all of the above suggestions are great, some of my favorites.  One I remember Bill, George & Dad doing were "If we never meet again this side of Heaven."  Mommie made them learn that and sing it for her brother who lived across the road from her.  An oldie but a goodie

While there are alot of gospel songs, I feel RVR would sound so good doing there is one in particular I would love to hear Rhonda and the Rage perform>  It is titled> "Peace Like A River" and while there are other songs with this title I am posting the one in particular I am talking about.

Words and music:
Lead: Charles Davis (verses) and C.D. Davis (chorus)


Peace (peace like a river) like a river (peace like a river)
Flows (flows through my soul) through my soul (flows through my soul)
I've (I've been forgiven) been forgiven (I've been forgiven)
Cleansed (cleansed and made whole) and made whole (cleansed and made whole)

Peace like a river so gently is flowing
How sweet to my soul is this marvelous peace
Sweeter and sweeter each day it is growing
Like billows of glory it never shall cease

Filled (filled with the spirit) with the spirit (filled with the spirit)
I (I am so glad) am so happy (happy and glad)
Jesus (Jesus has given) has given (sweetly has given)
Wonderful (wonderful peace) peace (wonderful peace)

Peace (peace gently flowing) gently flowing (peace gently flowing)
Sweet (sweet and divine) and divine (sweet and divine)
This (this the assurance) the assurance (this the assurance)
Jesus (Jesus is mine) is mine (Jesus is mine)

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 2

Glory forever to Jesus my Savior
For wonderful, marvelous, heavenly peace
Peace overflowing much sweeter is growing
What wonderful, wonderful peace

butch turner

god on the mountain   great song for the god on the mountain is still god in the valley when things go wrong he'll make them right for the god of the day is still god in the night  --it go's something like that!!!!  lol

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