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....how do you like the Big 10 teams thus far in the bowl games.  Pitiful, ain't it?

LOLOLOLOL.....Pitiful aren't they. Except for 1 lucky play by an Iowa DB against my beloved Tigers, they would be O fer the bowl season wouldn't they? I just love it. The Lil' 10 had 3 teams in the top 10 to finish the season, and 2 of them got smoked like a pack of Kools. Sparty might as well stayed at home.
I really especially enjoyed the Rose Bowl. The non AQ TCU Horned Frogs beat Wisconsin. As I've said all year, Boise St. and TCU can play with anyone, and will beat most of them. TCU had a scare during the year, but still got the job done. Boise St. wasn't so lucky. They went to Nevada (a very good team in their own right) and slips up and loses. I will tell you. Nobody would like playing either team.
It's unfortunate the BCS has to give bids to the Big East, and ACC. Neither deserve a BCS bid. Both Boise and TCU should have been playing BCS games. I've watched both teams all year. They can play with anybody. I don't care if UConn wins tonight. They don't belong in the BCS. The ESPN conference ratings, has both the WAC and the Mountain West ahead of the ACC and the Big East.
Now if Arkansas can complete the deal, I will be one of the happiest guys in the country!!!

Congratulations to TCU, Boise St., Nevada, and all of the other non AQ teams!!!! You deserve better than the experts give you credit for!!!

Go Hogs...sooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
The icing on the cake for TCU.....tuition & fees for that school are more than 41K per year, and the student body is only 9,000 kids.  My brother lives a few blocks from campus and his wife is a TCU Alum.  Congratulations to a great school!
What's Oklahoma doing to the Big East Champs and their vaunted defense right now you ask? It's only the end of the 1st quarter, but the answer is...anything they want!!! The game is far from over, but at this rate the final score will be 56-0 Oklahoma!!! Heck, even my lowly Tigers beat Oklahoma!!

I think we have to add the Big 10 to the list that shouldn't have a BCS rep along with the Big East and ACC. They whip up on lowly conference teams, and get a gaudy record. The Big 10 is 0-5 today in bowl games, and ofer again in the BCS game. They get another one next week sometime, and with any justice they'll be ofer again this year!!!
Go Hogs!!!!
Go War Eagle!!!
Fear not, Swami!  Arkansas won't even break a sweat against their Big 10 opponent.  Petrino used to be an AUBURN man.  They will beat The OSU worse than Mississippi State beat Michigan today.  Take it to the bank!
Awesome "SEC Boy" I hope you're right. There really are only 2 conferences year end, year out, that should really get an automatic BCS berth...the SEC, and the Big 12. Yea, we're a little down this year, but a quick look at history will definitely support this argument.

A really easy solution to this BCS would be, only teams that have 1 loss or less will qualify for a BCS game. The only exception to this rule would be the AQ conference champs. Then, their record could not have more than 2 losses overall. This would eliminate some of these 8-4 teams from AQ conf. getting an automatic bid. This would also open up a slot for teams like Boise St. and TCU, Utah in years past, etc...to get in to some higher profile games. I know the argument against Boise, TCU, and all other non AQ schools, is they don't play anyone. There's a real simple answer for that...No one will play them. Oregon got their butts kicked too many times. They finally dropped them from their schedule. Same with Or St., and so many other D-1 schools. Don't blame them. They certainly try. The Fresno coach says he'll play anyone, anywhere, anytime. Don't penalize them for having a great team that no one will play. I guarantee you Boise St. deserved a BCS bid before Uconn, or Va. Tech. (By the way, they beat Va Tech at Va Tech this year)

Most would like a playoff, and so would I, but the school presidents won't let that happen. Too much money from the bowls and their sponsors.
So it looks like we're stuck with the BCS system. So let's tweak it a bit, to make it better for everyone.

I'll get off my soap box now....
Mike G.
Good Morning Swami,

    One more Cupcake Game and your Basketball Team will start getting tested again.  You should be OK there isn't anymore Big East Teams on your plate til March Madness starts!  Mike G.
You're exactly right Mr. Garlock. In Basketball, the Big East and Acc are kings!!!
Us Big 12ers are just pretenders.
Linda R

BOYS I AM LISTENING AND READING! AND DARN IT, YOU ARE SO RIGHT! i hate when the BIG 10, goes to a bowl game, and plays like they don't know what they are there for ggrrrrrr!!! Oh! well may the best team win "RIGHT"   Linda in Ind.

An Inconvenient Truth

The Big 12 is a fine conference, with many excellent schools that have outstanding athletic programs.  There's certainly no shame in the fact that they lost 2 out of 3 bowl games against the Big Ten.  Sometimes, the other team is just better.

Mike G.
There are Six Bowl Games left to be played.  I checked the record so far and it looks to me no one is running away with this Bowl season.

Big East               3-2

Big 10                  2-5

ACC                     4-4

Big 12                  3-4

SEC                     3-3

The SEC has Four Teams left playing and the rest one have one Team each.  The SEC can shine if they play this Week.  I'm sure we will be watching.
Fair and Balanced

Hammer, your selective reporting seems to be leaving out a few conferences.  Tell me again, what TV "news" network do you watch? 

Mike G.
I apologize to the Left Coast and I mean LEFT.  Since you haven't Posted under you name in so long I figured there wasn't anyone interest in their conferences.  Her you are:

MWC           4-1

WAC           1-2

PAC            2-1
We Distort You Decide
I have to keep changing my handle because we've been getting too many Mike Browns on here. 

There are 11 conferences.
Can't have too much of a good thing! 
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