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You asked for it...

Mac             1-2

USA             2-4

Sun Belt       2-0

No Conf.      2-1
Never a Doubt

Fathead 43 in. x 40 in. Ohio State Buckeyes Logo Wall Applique FH61-61201

Take it to the bank!

Sure is quiet around here!

We're all counting the days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.
Mike G.

    I'm patiently waiting for the Exhibition Games to end and the only real Game to be played next Monday Night...Auburn and Oregon!

That's okay, I'll just keep amusing myself by reading post #5 over and over.

Does anyone know where I can take lessons for the Tressel sweater-vest bump?
Mike G.

I fiqured you would want lessons in dotting Gary's Eye!

I already know how to do that.....I'm a tuba player, remember?
Yes Gary, you should be so proud of the way the Buckeyes played last night. They totally dominated the game. This now gives the Lil' 10 3 bowl wins, and a .500 record this year in the BCS games. This is an accomplishment for them. They're usually Ofer the BCS.

Of course we don't want to talk about the 4 touchdowns Arkansas didn't score because of a dropped pass, no scoop on a blocked punt, and of course the heroic touchdown OHS scored after their NCAA sanctioned QB fumbled, and their WR jumped on in the endzone. Of course we don't want to talk about how dominate the Bugeyes were in the 2nd half of the game. What did they have??? a 100 yds in total offense? While the Hogs ran all over them?

But you're right....The Ohio St. finished ahead when the final gun went off. Congratulations!!! You must be so proud!!!
Hammer, that was a great line.  I have to stop underestimating you.

Brownie, you have to wear scarlet and gray to do the vest bump.  Orange won't work and blue definitely won't get it done.  Good luck!

Dear Swami,
Thank you very much for those heartfelt words of congratulations.  I can't tell you what that means to me (at least, not while Julia is reading this).  I thoroughly enjoyed your fair and balanced analysis of the game.  You made me even prouder than ever to be a BUCKEYE.  I was a little surprised that you didn't go back to the old "lucky interception" excuse like you did when Missouri lost to a 7-5 Big Ten team.  At least you're consistent.  When things don't go your way, it's always because the other team got lucky and never because the best team won.

Anyway, congratulations to Arkansas for a great game and an excellent season.  They would have scared the pants off of me if I hadn't already traded them for a free tattoo.  I'm just glad that Mallett didn't stay in ann arbor.   He never looked good wearing corn and blew anyway.  If his receivers had played better, it might have been a different story.  Those two fade route touchdown passes that he threw were worthy of any NFL quarterback.

I guess our offense really enjoyed the halftime show because they forgot to come back for the second half.  You have to give credit to the Arkansas defense, though, and their punter was phenomenal.  It seemed like we spent the whole second half inside our own 5-yard line.  Special teams have been a problem all year, and they almost cost us the game.  I hope that Tressel gets that corrected, because we're losing a lot of outstanding seniors (not to mention the juniors who were suspended by the National Communist Athletic Association which opposes the free enterprise system).

I still can't believe that Tressel went for the 4th-and-1.  That was so unlike him, but the Vest knows best.  I think he was nervous about his pass defense, since most of the starters were injured.  Of course, everyone knows that I tend to be overly conservative.

So that gives OHIO STATE 6 BCS wins, more than any other school.  The left coast liberal media is trying to say that USC has 6, but they're counting the 2005 Orange Bowl massacre of Oklahoma, which has since been forfeited due to NCAA sanctions.  Being from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, I always adhere to all NCAA policies. 

In the 13 years of the BCS, the Big Ten now has 11 BCS victories, second only to the SEC's 14.  The PAC-10 is next with 9 (or 10, if you believe the liberal media).

The biggest problem for the Big Ten in these bowl games is that they play half of their games against the SEC, which is unquestionably the best conference.  The Big Ten usually only has 2 or 3 quality teams: OHIO STATE and whoever else has a good year.  This season it was Wisconsin and Michigan State.  Last year it was Iowa.  The year before it was Penn State, and Illinois the year before that.  In fact, I'm so old that I can even remember when michigan was a title contender.

So now we wait to see whether OSU plays TCU or Stanford or Oklahoma in the next round of the tournament.  Oh, that would be so much better than these exhibition games! 

My prediction for the Sugar Bowl was obviously not quite accurate.  The Swami is usually spot on.  Is the Swami prepared to offer his thoughts on the National Championship meaningless exhibition game?  Inquiring minds want to know!
Oh SEC Boy...you really don't want me to pick who I think should win. It usually is the kiss of death. I always pick the best team (much like the Sugar Bowl) but it doesn't always fall their way. The darn ball they play with is oblong, and doesn't always bounce the correct way. In other words, the better team doesn't always win (hence the Sugar Bowl and Insight Bowl)

You asked for it...Auburn 42....Oregon 28

Hope this doesn't ruin our friendship UM SOUTH
No problem, Swami.   I think you may be pretty close.  I guessed 42-24 a week ago on a local sports forum.  The ESPN pundits seem to think this could be a game for the ages.  I agree!  The game breaker will be the strength of Auburns O&D lines in the fourth quarter.  If the score is close starting the fourth quarter, we win.

It's The Darn Ball

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