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It's Alibi Time
I can't believe that another one of the teams that tied for the best record in the Big 12 lost tonight.

Maybe the darn ball didn't bounce the correct way again. 

LSU won by 17 points, but we're still waiting for the Great Swami to tell us who the best team was.  The Swami has special knowledge which mere mortals don't possess.  For example, if you play a great first half and then hold on to win, that shows that your opponent is better than you are.  If you drop four passes and fail to recover a fumble, that proves that you're the best team.  Most of us are too biased to understand these things.  Only the Swami can provide the correct interpretation.  Whether it's sports or politics, the Great Swami never allows facts to affect his opinions.

The Ol' Dawg

A serious evaluation of bowl games is as useful as "whistlin' in the graveyard" to ward off any "spooks" or "haints" that may be near. Ain't nuthin' more than glorified exhibition games. Can there be any REAL meaning, or meaningful interpretation, attached to these bowl games ?


Think I'll devote my attention to the NFL playoffs - At least, they're playin' for REAL . . .  

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