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Doug and Pat
Hey Herb - I got to talk to your lovely wife while in Gettysburg and told her about a recent trip I took with mine this summer to Iron Stone Winery (site below).  Rhonda seemed "real interested" - hope she was not just appeasing another fan.

Anyway, this is a place fit for a queen and you should look to see if this place is a possible venue for one of her shows in 2010.  They have 1,000 acres of vineyards here and 5,000 in LODI California.  I got the name of the executive secretary to the owner (one person) of all this - Carolyn Mcvarish from our guide Conrad Levasseur.  CarolynM@ironstonevineyards.com.  They have a 43 pound - yes pound - chunk of California GOLD on display. 
Take a look at the site below and tell me Rhonda is not worth a visit there to scout things out the next time you are in California.
The Concours D'elegance is an amazing display of magnificent cars the end of this month would interest any golfer and his bride (I know this is not possible because you have her working in Virginia) so next year --- Doug and Pat Miller from Maryland.
Gary L K
September 3, 2008

I had a very nice day off today.  As you may have figured out, I rarely work a normal Monday-Friday schedule.

After breakfast, I took my glasses in to the shop.  Somehow, I managed to sit on them last Saturday when I was hurrying from volleyball to football.  I had switched over to my prescription sunglasses for driving and left the others on the seat while I was getting something out of the trunk.  I hated to start the season with such a huge mental error, but it only cost $20 to repair them, so I feel very fortunate.

Then I went over to SDSU to meet with the volleyball coaches.  They've been complaining that their players aren't getting enough digs, so I brought the NCAA statisticians manual and we went over some basic interpretations.  Of all the sports that I work, volleyball is the one with the most judgment calls, so I was happy to hear their views.  It was a very productive discussion.  I don't mind coaches sticking up for their players, but they usually haven't ever read the manual.  Actually, the worst offenders are TV broadcasters, many of whom are constantly giving out bad information. 

Next I went across the street to work out at the recreation center with a room full of college women.  It's tough job, but it's got to be done.  Then I went for a little swim in the outdoor campus pool.  Of course, most of the women just had to follow me over to the pool. 

After picking up my glasses, I decided to stop for Ethiopian food, which I always enjoy.  I strongly recommend the vegetarian platter.  Then I headed over to Ulysses S. Grant School to pick up my niece following her second day of kindergarten.  She's been battling a cold, but I'm very proud of the way that she's hung in there and played hurt.  She was very apprehensive going into the new season, but she's off to good start and has made several new friends.  In fact, after opening day, she proclaimed it "the best day ever".

I have to get up early tomorrow, so I guess I'll say good night.

Today is Sunday, September 7, 2008.

What a great weekend I had. The weather was perfect. The golf was excellent. The football was true to form. (Except Susans WVU team)

Woke up Saturday morning at 6:30 to go to LaPlata and play in the 3 man best ball tournament. Our team, the Pro, the Knucklehead, and me finished 16 under par, and tied for 2nd in the championship flight, and tied for first in the calcutta. This was quite a feat since most teams in the championship flight have 3 really good players per team. The Knucklhead played really well. The Pro always plays well. And I tagged along to coach.  I did contribute by chipping in for eagle on #7 for a skin. Our team won 2 skins on the day, valued at $225.
My brother Jim was in Kirksville this weekend. He came over and cut the steel post down that had been standing in my yard for 15 years. It was a pole buried in concrete that the previous owners had their sattelite mounted on.

I watched Mizzou beat up on SEMO. OSU didn't look real good against Ohio U. I also watched Florida beat Miami. Saw the shocking highlghts of the WVU vs. ECU game. "Herby's BCS pole" had a little shake-up to it this week.

1. USC
2. Georgia
3. Oklahoma
4. OSU
5. Florida
6. Missouri
7. LSU
8. Texas
9. Auburn
10. East Carolina University (for beating 2 ranked teams in a row.)

Most deserving to be unranked since Lacrosse is their claim to fame.....Syracuse!!

This is the way I see it. Good game to watch next week....USC vs "The OSU"

The Ol' Dawg

What I was wonderin' during the Buckeyes game was what would have happened had the outcome been different. Would the Bobcats have been callin' themselves "THE OHIO UNIVERSITY" ?    

Mom and I got to our hotel at 1am. The alarm rang at 6am, and I sure didn't wanna get up, but we did.  Made our way to the Tulsa Airport.
Stopped by Starbucks Coffee, where a man from San Diego was ordering his coffee, holding a fishing pole. (no relevance, except GLK might know him???)

I ordered my standard venti non fat steamer, then added the International Coffee's French Vanilla Cafe.  We found our way to the gate, and flew to Kansas City.

I arrived home by 12 noon, to hear a TV roaring with the noise of a football game.  (I quickly turned the DVR to one of the saved "Law & Orders".

Dear Herby was no where in sight. 

After a nice bubble bath, I snuggled up to watch an episode of Law & Order.
I may have napped for a while, and when I woke up, there was an incredibly delicious steak dinner on the table. 

It's been a nice day of relaxing at home. 

Brutus Blackeye
Rhonda, I'm pretty sure that I know that guy, but it wasn't a fishing pole.  It was actually a seaweed pole.

Herby, you're being way too kind to TOSU.  At this point, the only reason that they're in the top 10 is because of past reputation.  I'm not buying the "looking ahead" excuse, because this seems to happen almost every year against an in-state opponent.  The other team comes in to the 'Shoe all pumped up, with players that Ohio State didn't recruit.  So they have a lot to prove, while the Buckeyes act like they can just show up and have the game handed to them.  The talent gap is usually enough to compensate for the difference in motivation, but Ohio State was very lucky to win this one.  You have to do more than just put on the uniform. 

Scarlet and gray lettering will return when it is earned!

If Coach Tressel needs me to give the pre-game pep talk in Hollywood, I'm ready!  Right now, I think I need to calm down by going for a walk and listening to the great RHONDA VINCENT

Mike Garlock
Hey Brutus,

    Can I suggest a natural Veggie anti-depressant for you.  Good luck to all you Football Fans with respectable Teams this Week.  I will be playing a little Golf in a mock Ryder Cup Saturday and Sunday.  Watching Sports Center and hoping for the best.  Maybe I should be going to this Gary Link...Mike G.

Gary Kennedy
MG, thanks for all of the info about those mood changing Herbies.  I'll take them with me to the LA Coliseum on Saturday.  Somebody's going to need them, but I hope it isn't me.  Unfortunately, I know a lot of obnoxious usc fans (oh, sorry, I guess that's redundant), and I hear that we don't have a chance.  Apparently, their defense isn't going to give up any first downs, they've got the greatest quarterback to ever reach under.....well, you know.....and their running backs will make everyone forget OJ (actually, that would be worth it).

I'm glad that this game is almost here, because I got caught looking ahead last week and missed some great RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE shows.  During the highly praised Franklin Music Festival, it was like I didn't even show up.  We'll get 'em next year!

Today is going to be a great day, because I'm off work and tonight I get to be the MC for Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out.  It's the first venture into bluegrass for a venue called Dizzy's in downtown San Diego.  Hopefully, this concert will be a big success and they'll want to have more bluegrass shows (Attention Upper Management!).  Dizzy's is close to the baseball stadium and the padres have a home game tonight, so at least we won't have to worry about traffic!
Just WOndering???
Dear Herby....I heard we got a new dishwasher at home! 

I hope that's not a joke, and it's ME!!!  

Did we also get those matching "almond" appliances for the laundry room???? 

Please send pictures.


Yeah, we got a new dish washer alright. It's the 2 legged variety. She's redheaded, and can cook and clean also. She don't care what color the laundry room appliances are.
See what happens when you're gone from home too long?

Oh yow, I would send pictures, but I don't know how....LOL


Today is Soggy Saturday, September 13, 2008.

After 6+ inches of rain the past 2 days, needless to say there was no golf being played. Fish are floating down the street. Bullfrogs are looking for a dry place to sit and croak. Me, nothing to do but sit and watch football all day. I might add, some of the ugliest football games I've ever seen.
Just finished watching Auburn/Miss.St. WOW, was that ever ugly. Auburn wins 3-2. Now, you can tell me how good the defenses are in the SEC, but I will tell you that only scoring 3 points in a game against a team that will most likely win only 2 or 3 games all year, will not keep you in the top 10 in the nation. That's pathetic!!!! I also will tell you that some of the worst coaching decisions I've ever seen came in that game also. 4th and 15 on your own 48 with 3:30 left in the game, with the worst offense in the nation (gained 115 total yds for the game) and they go for it?????????? WOW!!!! that was brutal. Then if that wasn't good enough...Auburn takes over to burn out the clock, and they pitch the ball, which turns into a fumble, which MSU recovers. Not to be out done, MSU turns right around and throws up a dieing quail that Auburn intercepts. Auburn will definitely drop from the "Herby" top 10.

Georgia vs. South Carolina... I was not impressed with Georgia at all. Yes USC has a good defense, but their offense is one of the worst in the nation, and they had 2 opps to beat Georgia in the 4th quarter. The first, USC fumbled at the goal line, and the second, USC had the ball on the 18 with plenty of time left to score.
I had Georgia in the top 5 to compete for the National Championship. I think they proved on the field today, they have a long ways to go to get to that point. If they continue to play like they did today, they will lose 3 games this year, and won't even win the SEC, much less the BCS Championship.

USC vs the Ohio State....Sorry Gary!!! I think I predicted this one. Right now it's 35-3 starting the 4th quarter. I really don't think USC has played their best either.
OSU is too predictable. When Beckman is in, they pass...when Pryor is in, he runs. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I also don't think it would have made much difference if Beanie did play. I think OSU will have a tough time making it back to the BCS Championship game. The Big 10 is weak, and they should have a cake walk through it, but I don't think it will be enough.

Misouri looked better this week against Nevada. The defense stepped up a little better against a Nevada team that was ranked #5 in the nation in rushing offense. Their pass defense broke down again at the end of the half, giving up a touchdown on the last play of the half. The thing I was most impressed was the way they put Nevada away. 69-17. This same Nevada team gave Texas Tech all they could handle last week. They pretty much shut down their vaunted pass offense of TT. Missouri, and Chase Daniel had no problem on a very rainy day in Columbia, Mo. Chase only played the first half, and 2 series in the 3rd quarter, and still passed for 400 yds on 23 of 28 passing, and 4 touchdowns. 3 different receivers had 100 yds or more, and a 4th had 98. They rushed for 180 yds, and compiled 633 total yds for the game. They were unstoppable. Too many weapons. Teams can't stop all of them. They may contain 1, or 2, but not all of them. If they stay healthy, they will be a team to contend with this season. Maclin had over 250 yds in total offense.

Here is the top 5 teams as I see it. I'll post the bottom 5 tomorrow.

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida
4. Missouri
5. LSU
The Ol' Dawg

Nevada ???   

Hey Herb......why aren't we discussing BASEBALL Don't tell me you missed the Cards game Saturday night
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