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Scott in Buffalo

Herb, wait till next week when Missouri plays our University at Buffalo team.  The score might be the same as this week.   The schedule makers are definitely messed up! The UB boys have heart, but the football program is still in it's maturing process.    It'll be fun to watch I guess.

Scott, looks like Buffalo pulled one out against Temple. Last second hail mary job. Good for them!! It should be fun next Saturday. Let's hope the rain quits in the meantime so we can have a dry field to play on.

Prez, don't bring up Triple A ball during football season. So the Pirates beat our Triple A team....who cares. When you're out of the race like the Cardinals as of last week, and the Pirates since April, it's time to let the "September call-ups" on the field to see what they can do. Stick with the program. Talk about the Nittany Lions. Did you even watch any games this weekend?

Dawg...Yes I realize Nevada doesn't have the same name as an SEC team, but they were ranked ahead of South Carolina in all statistical categories kept by the NCAA, and ahead of Georgia in 3.  I don't mind telling you, I would love to be playing Georgia this week, Auburn next week, and South Carolina the next. Unfortunately, the schedule makers don't do that. They save themselves for the conference season. It's tough scheduling good non-conference games. Especially since the schedules are made out 4 to 6 years in advance. Fortunately, we always have Illinois to start our season at a neutral site. The next 3 are teams that want to make some money.
Now Herby.....we can't quit supporting our teams just because they stink So Pujols is a September call-up???? Do you want to tell him that????

I did watch the Penn State game and will watch the Steelers game tonight. I don't watch all of the games only the games my teams are in.....some of us have WORK to do and can't sit in front of the TV ALL day long
Guess who :)

Come on Prez.....next thing you know, you'll be keeping track of spring training games.

BTW...the only reason Pujols is in the line-up, is because he's in a batting title race with Chipper Jones.

Kudos to the Bucko's.
Brutus Obviously
I've spent the entire day chugging liquid vegetarian anti-depressant that I got from an auto parts/herbyal medicine distributor in upstate New York, so I'm in no condition to do any typing.  However, I wanted to congratulate Dear Herby for his near perfect prediction.

Although I would rather have been Ragin', I had a lovely day in Tenseltown yesterday.  The folks from the University of Southern California were very nice hosts.  Admittedly, I had some built-up animosity towards that institution, based entirely upon all of the times that their football team has beaten THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, including several times when the mythical national championship was on the line (but at least we beat OJ). 

I had always thought that their fans were rather obnoxious, but I just couldn't believe how polite they were yesterday.  I heard virtually no taunting, and the crowd was unbelievably quiet, considering what was happening on the field.  Almost all of them were extremely friendly, and they even blocked off a section of campus so that we could have a pre-game pep rally.  I got the feeling that they all wanted us to come back every year.

One USC employee even arranged for me to have free tickets to the game.  The good news is that the seats were very good.  The bad news is that I had an excellent view of just how bad my team is.  We were outplayed at almost every position, although I personally felt that our long-snapper was better than theirs.  Of course, he plays 25% of the downs, and you know what they say about practice. 

Coming into this season, I had high hopes for the BUCKEYES, based upon the number of starters returning from last season.  While those hopes have now been greatly diminished, I'm trying to look on the bright side.  Since we seem destined to endure one high profile rout every season, at least we got it out of the way early this year.  There's still time to to get things corrected and finish on a high note for a change.

And speaking of high notes.......here's wishing safe and happy travels to Oregon for the incredible RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE.  Wish I could be there!
The Ol' Dawg

Herby, Herby, Herby . . . You've obviously fallen into the "trap" of bein' impressed with "style points" and "puttin' a spin" on statistics. For example - Southern Cal defeated that JUGGERNAUT from Virginia 52 - 7. Connecticut defeated that same Cavalier team on Saturday night, 45 - 10. Under that kind of reasoning, one would assume that Connecticut would play Southern Cal within 10 points. No disrespect to UConn, but, we all KNOW that USC would "take 'em to the woodshed". It's nice to think that you can eat up a couple of these "cupcakes", then tell the world, "Line 'em up - We're gonna beat 'em ALL !!!" It usually dudn't work that way. I would guess that, if you were offered the opportunity, for Mizzou to play an exceptionally sloppy game against the Sooners, and come out with a 14 - 7 win, you would take it right now - And be HAPPY with it. It's all about matchups every week. Every team does not play to their fullest potential every week. After all, USC lost to lowly Stanford last year, But, NOBODY was ready to deny that USC wasn't one of the top couple of teams at season's end. As far as Auburn goes, they have an outstanding defense and are tryin' to put in the spread offense (College Football's Latest Fad) - I'm not sure that they quite have the personnel to be successful with it yet. They should improve as the year goes on and they get a better handle on it - Barring injuries. South Carolina has the same "rap-" against 'em as they usually have - Tough at the beginning of the year, but, not enough quality depth on the roster to sustain it. For whatever reasons, South Carolina has ALWAYS had trouble gettin' outstanding recruits to come there in very big numbers. As far as we're concerned, the Dawgs are in much the same position as last year. Injuries to our offensive and defensive lines have caused a lot of shufflin' of players, and created a situation with a lack of continuity and experience. A lot of our kids are "learnin' on the job" and we're havin' to count on some of 'em that the coaches hadn't planned on. Without any more catastrophic injury problems, I would look for 'em to "jell together" around mid-season. Whether they're "pretty" or not, I'm just concerned that they keep rackin' up "W's" - The rest will take care of itself.

Mike B
Great post, Dawg!  Dr. Herb has been pretty good this year, but he doesn't seem to grasp the concept of smash-mouth, blood & guts, trench warfare.  When the offense sputters, the defense has to carry the game.  I am certain that Shug Jordan, Wally Butts and Erskine Russell were all smiles after watching the 3-2 ballgame.
PS - I don't care for the shotgun on every down the way we did it against Miss. State.  This new offense has a long way to go before it can win big games for us.
Glk, Dawg, and Mike B....thanks for stepping in here and getting the Prez off my back...

GLK...I looked for you during the game, but didn't sea you. Unfortunately, when you have a high profile game on national TV for all to see, and perform the way they did, I think it's curtains for OSU this year. They will win out in the Big 10 and go to a good bowl, but a lot of upsets will need to take place between now and then, to get them back in the BCS Championship hunt. After watching the games this weekend, I'm afraid I will need to put the Pac 10 below the Big 10 in strength of conference. I think it will be USC and the rest. The Big 10 might be a tiny bit better than I gave them credit for. I was very impressed with the Badgers win at Fresno. Penn St. wins again, but for how long. Same with Illinois.

Dawg...style points don't work with me either, but when you are on National TV and play the way Jawja did Saturday, don't expect Top 10 voting from this source. Maybe by the end of the year I will have a change of heart, but not at this point. You are correct. If Mizzou beat Oklahoma 14-7 I would be thrilled, but I don't think we can look  at South Carolina and Miss. St in the same light as Oklahoma.

Mike B....Did you see the last 4 minutes of the game Saturday? That might be the ugliest football game I've ever seen from a team that was thought of as top 10 material. And it was against Miss St. If that was against Florida, or LSU, I might give you a mulligan, but not Miss St. Auburn falls out of the top 10 this week. There are enough weeks left in the season to redeem their selves.

Speaking of the Top 10...here it is.  

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida
4. Missouri
5. LSU
6. Texas
7. Wisconsin
8. Georgia
9. E.Carolina
10. Alabama (This pick was particularly tough, since it took Auburns place. I don't expect any love letters from the War Eagle faithfull)
Mike B

As much as it hurts, I have to agree with you about Sat. night, Dr. Herb.  It was UGLY!  I was at a marching band festival Saturday night and had to watch the game on DVR.  The replay didn't make it look any better!  Bottom line - the coaching staff should have settled on a starting QB before the season started and built the teams rythm and timing around his style.  Here we are 4 weeks in and we still aren't sure who the starter is or should be.  Bring back the POWER I !

The Ol' Dawg

And, I danged sure don't look at Nevada in the same light as South Carolina or Mississippi State either.    


I would hope not. Cause if Missouri put a 69-17 whoooopin on South Carolina, it would really make Jawja look bad. It could happen too. I think, if memory serves me correct, we scored 45 against them in a bowl game that we won a couple of years ago. That was without our prolific pass offense. We were still in the "3 yards and a cloud of dust" mode.  (similar to the SEC) Might have been Spurriers 1st or 2nd year. Can't remember. Too long ago. But I think we won.

The Ol' Dawg

Glad you're so proud of that big win over "mighty" Nevada - I'm sure that'll put y'all over the hump.   

I am SO CONFUSED by this "man language"
Gary L Kennedy
It's very simple, Courtney.  Illinois scored 42 points against Missouri, but only 20 against UL-Lafayette.  If the Ragin' Cajuns still had Pitre on defense, it probably would have been a shutout.  So what everyone is trying to say is that college football needs a post-season playoff, so that these issues can be resolved on the field.  There are always more than two teams that deserve a shot at the title, and that will happen again this season.  Instead of working a meaningless post-season exhibition game in December, I would love to be operating the scoreboard for a national semi-final game in San Diego between Missouri and Georgia.

Herby, you are certainly justified in being excited about Missouri.  Chase Daniel is an incredible talent and the Tigers are legitimate national title contenders.  If OHIO STATE can't win it (and I don't see any way that they can now), then I would be perfectly happy to see a Mizzou national championship.  However, I really don't think that a 52-point win over the Nevada Wolf Pack is more impressive than a hard fought 7-point conference road win against an old nemesis (the coach, not the school).

I didn't see much of the other games last Saturday because I was being tortured at the OJ Coliseum, so it's difficult for me to comment.  However, it sounds like Georgia won the type of game that a championship team has to win.  This was definitely a danger game for the Bulldogs, and they did what they had to do to survive.  Even if South Carolina gave it away with turnovers, you have to give credit to the defense that forced those turnovers.  

That reminds me of OHIO STATE's 2002 national championship season.  Actually, everything reminds me of that.  The BUCKEYES won half of their games by 7 points or less, and several went down to the last play or into overtime.  Week after week, they won low-scoring games with defense, field position, ball control, and great special teams.  At times it got pretty ugly, and I aged about 20 years that season.  However, every time that OHIO STATE needed a clutch play, they got it.  All year long, we kept hearing that they were over-rated and lucky.   Iowa and Georgia both narrowly missed undefeated seasons, or the BUCKEYES probably would have been given the same BCS shaft that was handed to Auburn two years later.

During the eleven month layoff between the end of the regular season and the national championship game, all of the experts were predicting that Miami would demolish the BUCKEYES.  The Hurricanes had all of the style points, but I think you know who went home with the trophy.

I forgot what the point of that story was, but it was better than that vegetarian anti-depressant that Garlock's been peddling.  Anyway, I'm quite sure that even the great RHONDA VINCENT would be in favor of a post-season tournament, because that would allow all of us to watch more football.
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