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Pretty exciting day here in northeast Missouri. The neighbors dog had a litter of pups this morning. Mother, and 7 babies are doing fine. 6 females, and 1 male. The mother, "Suzie" always meets me out back every morning and evening when I go feed the calves. I usually have a little treat for her. She didn't meet me this morning. I figured it was time. "Suzie" is a yellow lab, and the pups are "Heinz 57" The father has not been reached for comment at this time.

Stay tuned each day for "Happenings From Home"
don McLean
Not been reached for comment ??? you better keep an eye on the situation Herb, i sure hope that Dad is going to take responsibility, and not scarper and head for the hills, so many do these days.
Best wishes to the mum & the little ones.
Don, It'll be tough to pin this litter on any male in the neighborhood. He'll have to confess, cause there are no 2 pups that look alike.
I think there will be a full scale investigation, and several suspects will be brought in for questioning.
The pups and Mom will get lots of attention and love. No worries!!
Maybe the father will post to Dear Herby for advice on what the right thing to do is
herb maybe the bikni watchers could do some investagating...i sent my resume to be one this year on the cruise but have not got the job yet...lol... gosh i spell bad

Good reminder Scott....I need to order some "Bikini Inspector" visors for the cruise. For reminding me Scott, you will be an "official bikini inspector"

Make sure you start excersizing now. Sharpen the eyesight. Do a lot of wrist curls for applying lotion. Sit ups to strengthen the back...once again for applying lotion. 
Run 6 miles a day to build up the lung capacity for underwater inspections. Lots of weight lifting so you will look good in that speedo.
well herb i started running made it to the fridge... got a drink and than i remembered i am foreman material... like i could be a over seeer of the all the bikini watchers... to make sure that all areas of the ship are covered and all bikini watchers could report to me and i could hand in reports.... i eyes are good hands work well. can not swim or float... but i am sure you can use me some how... lol,,,, but the cruise is getting here fast... i got a little something for you and juila,,,,,
see you soon...
bikini inspector.. foreman

Today is Saturday, August 16, 2009. It was a gorgeous day here in NE MO. I played in the club championship today, and shot the worst score in years. 88

I think I will withdraw tomorrow, and spare the embarrassment. 81 for a high today, with low humidity.

Life could be worse....if my name was John Edwards.

Unless I am losing my mind, I've noticed a couple of posts here lately with 2009 as the date. Did I somehow lose a year while studying the "How to Be A Good Wife" manual???  You guys are freaking me out....I'm already fighting Father Time and his rude wife, Momma Wrinkles! If I'm losing whole years I don't know how I'll remember to get up, bake biscuits (the directions are on the Martha White packet, right?), chop wood (got this one covered with the pre-fab, cut wood at Kroger's,) and make coffee (they just put in a coffee shop down the street.)  Oh crap! I just realized....I gotta get the husband first! Darn it!
Rhonda? Julia? I need the "How to Get a Husband" manual! Pronto!!!!!


(Herb: I think you better stick to golf and leave the "gymnastics" to the politicians!)

oooooops...Shay you are right. You have to understand, as a booking agent, I'm always working a year ahead.

As far as politics, I think I will go comb my hair.
Mike Garlock
Hi Herby,

    88!  you sound like you need some "Garlock School of Golf Lessons".  I withdrew from our Club Championship Wednesday night after the Golf League.  It started yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I just didn't think I could be away for three day's, my employee's are trying to drive me Crazy and it's working.  I did play nine holes last night after work and shot 39 from the back tee's.  Get your head back in the Game Doc, your a good player!  Mike G. 

P.S.-I think the Grascals are on the Opry in 10 minute's...
Thanks Mike....I found every tree on our course today. I think there were 346 trees all together. I may have found some of them twice. A lot of my clubs took to flight today. Some went further than the ball. Still milked the "knuckleheads" out of 10 bucks. After I had to buy the drinks, I think I only lost $2.

On another note...you remember cousin Parker don't you? He will be in Florida prior to the cruise also. He's bringing his wife Edyth with him this time. He wants her to get a first hand experience of driving 101 in Florida....Piece of cake.  Told him to put her in the front seat with me. LOL

Actually they are bringing their own car to Florida. Should be a good time on the old town in the Villages. Edyth, Brenda, and Virginia will have fun playing golf. Edyth is a sweetheart, much like Brenda. Parker married way over his head.
Mike Garlock
That sounds great Herb.  Now were up to three...Blake, Me and now Parker all over Married!  Does Parkers Wife know his true Florida Passion..........

Two Fer's



Oh yea....They've been married forever. Poor girl.

Dear Herby...oh wait wrong post.
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