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The Ol' Dawg

I quit golfin' a long time ago - Seemed like I was in the lakes and woods so much that I was continually havin' my huntin' and fishin' license checked by the game wardens - Too much aggravation for a so-called "stress relieving" game.  

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another gorgeous day today. I woke up at 6:30am went out and fed the calves, and low and behold "Suzie" met me out there. She left her new family to come visit me, and of course to get her treat.
My only tomato plant has 30 tomato's on it. The first is just now turning red. That plant has to be 5 1/2 feet tall.
The calves are looking good. They will be ready by the middle of October. They are getting very wary when I look at them. I see steaks....nice roasts....and prime rib. They see me as the executioner. We're both right.
Went and played golf this morning. Got done at 11:30. Came home, and curled up on the couch to watch the Cardinals get beat by the Reds. I made it to the 2nd inning before taking a nap.
Spoke to Rhonda in Breckenridge, Co. Of course the venue had to be beside a shopping area. Silly me. I'm going to inquire about location and shopping area's before booking any more jobs. I'll make sure she is 30 miles from nowhere next time.
Went out to visit Mom, Dad, and Steve this evening. Steve is excited, as next Sunday we're going to Busch Stadium to see the Cards and Braves play. He can't wait.
Soon it will be bedtime. Hope your day was wonderful as well!!!!!
The Ol' Dawg

It should be a good day for Y'all, Herb. The Redbirds will play and the Braves will "play dead" - Or, maybe they REALLY are dead !!! The old jokes have started resurfacing 'bout the Tribe again. The one about 'em changin' their name from the Braves to the Atlanta Possums - They "play dead" at home and get killed on the road !!! True - Oh, so true !!!  


LOL..Now that's funny!!!!

Gary L Kennedy

So I decided to watch the mighty padres the other night, and I must say that I was very impressed to see such fundmentally sound baseball.  After about three innings, I finally realized that I had the TV on the wrong channel and I was actually watching the Little League World Series.

G Lee K
As bad as they are, the padres still can't keep up with the incompetence in Washington (just talking about the baseball team, of course).

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying the new "Happenings from home" feature.  That's exactly what we needed around here, some hard-hitting, on-the-spot, live reporting from Big K'sville.  I can't wait to see the live webcam from Scrubby Dud's!
Today is Monday, August 18, 2008.

I got up this morning and drove to Columbia to pick up my bride. Her and the Rage were coming through from Colorado. We all met at the Cracker Barrell and had lunch together before departing to Kirksville. Honey proclaimed it to be nice to be back home for a day. We talked, and schemed about our many business adventures all the way home.
After dinner she went to her parents in Greentop, and I went to Bobs for our Monday Night Poker Game. (Winner winner chicken dinner   Got back home around midnight. We sat up and talked about Sally Mountain for 2009...what bands to have...how much it was going to cost...etc...
Just another normal day with Rhonda and Herb.

I picked her first nearly ripe tomato and put in the window to finish ripening. She was thrilled. Mom made her Cucumbers and Onions. She woofed them down, and begged for more.
We discussed this past week in the mountains, and how much fun her and the Rage had. She wants me to figure out a way to get them back out there next year.
That's all for today.

Just another slow Monday here in Kirksville, Mo.
Today is Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a beautiful day here in Kirksville. Spent most of the day with Rhonda, and delivered her safely to KC to the airport. She's flying to Nashville tonight, and catching the bus tommorrow to Knoxville. On the way to KC, I stopped at a veggie stand in Trenton, Mo. This guy had the prettiest yellow tomatoes I've ever seen. Bought 3 to bring home for sandwiches. YUM YUM!!!

Spoke with Chuck Stearman today, and got "Next Best Thing" in the line-up for SPBGMA in Feb. They will be performing on Friday evening the 13th. Be sure to stop by and say hello to them. They are excited to get to perform. Their mother and I are very proud of their progress, and desire to continue the music we love so much.

Lesson for the day....Never answer your cell phone assuming it's your wife.

I did just that today. Phone rang while I was driving back from KC. Of course I didn't have my reading glasses on to see who was calling. I assumed it was Rhonda. I answered " Hi Honey" the deep voice on the other end said "Hi sugar plumb" Fortunately it was one of my "knucklehead" buddies calling about golf. Thank goodness it wasn't a promoter calling to book RV.  How embarrasing would that have been!!!!

Time to watch the Cards and Pirates.

Hope your day was a nice as mine.
Wow I'm glad I didn't call you today

Speaking of the Cards game........ PIRATES 1 - Cards 0. I think this is the first game all year that Ian Snell figured out that there is this thing called a strike zone Don't worry though, he can't keep this up much longer!
Time to watch the Cards and Pirates.

And how did that go Herb?????????????
Oh HERBY????????
Kim From MO

Ouch!!!  That was UGLY!!!

Kim From MO

(I meant the game!!! 

Today is Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kim, don't let the Prez bully you around. The Pirates have been out of the chase since spring training. They have to brag the few chances they get.

What another beautiful day today. I took my Dad fishing. After cleaning 52 crappie, I washed them and put them into the freezer for the winter. They'll taste yummy come January. Since Dad had his heart problems in May, the fishing was put on hold till last week. He is doing well, and ready to catch up from the time he lost. I think we'll go once a week till the weather turns bad.

Something that has always amazed me...the phone never rings when you're in the office...but try to go fishing and see what happens. Rings every 5 minutes. I was able to catch 2 crappie at a time (1 on each pole) and talk on the phone. Now that's multi tasking at its finest!!!!! Now if I could only get my computer to print the contracts and mail them by itself, I'd have it made.  Maybe I could get the Prez to do them for me, since she has all this time on her hands to jab us Cardinal fans. Yea, that's what I'll do. I'll sell Rhonda on this idea tonight. Get ready Prez....more work coming your way.

See ya tomorrow!!!
Kimberly Williams


Something that has always amazed me...the phone never rings when you're in the office...but try to go fishing and see what happens. Rings every 5 minutes.

Just so you know...every time I called you today I paused to make sure it wasn't Thursday.  I DO try NOT to call you on Thursdays but since today is WEDNESDAY ...hey...you are fair game.    But if it is any consolation, I tried all day Monday and Tuesday to get people all over the world to respond to my calls and e-mails to no avail.  Took some time off today to shop for a new storm door and help Blake install it and the phone rang off the hook.  So...it happens to the best of us.   And yes...I actually helped Blake install the door just so we could save ourselves $105.  We both decided next time we will just pay the money and watch someone else do it!

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