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Well I enjoyed my one day of fun at Herby's expense, the Cards put me in my place tonight The only good thing about tonight's game was that my sister and I missed watching it on TV because we were at the Altoona Curve baseball game! So as far as I am concerned, tonight's Pirate game didn't happen
Yeah thanks Herb! I was hoping for MORE work!
Today is Thursday, August 21, 2008.

Today started out with rain this morning, then cleared off just in time to play golf. Played 36 holes today, then had a wonderful dinner at the club tonight. Shot an 82 the first round, then played a scramble with several friends the next round. Fun was had by all till my cart quit on the last hole. I will need to purchase 6 new batteries tomorrow. This will get in my pocket.
No ballgame tonight. Think I will hit the sack early.

See ya Friday.
Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

    I know where you can save a few Bucks on those Batteries!  The only problem is they are 978.08 miles away from your Golf Cart...Mike G.
Robert Hall
Hey Mike!.. ROAD TRIP!!!!

Herb,maybe a long slow charge will revive your cart's batteries..you'll need to load test them,and charge them separately--if one has dead cells and you leave it connected to the rest of the batteries,it will drain all of them dead eventually,usually within a few hours to a day or two..so you might not need all 6 batteries,maybe just one or two is bad..

Are you sure the charger is working when you plug the cart in to recharge it ??..

I've "saved" a few old batteries that were supposedly "junk" using a new "pulse" type battery charger, that de-sulphates the plates in the battery..but using my trickle charger worked for me many times too,you leave it on a low amp setting for up to a day or two,after topping off the electrolyte level...

...if they will come back at all,that is what'll do it ("fast" charging a battery with high amps heats them up,and takes a lot of life out of the plates,and won't revive a sulphated battery like a slow low amp charge will)....also just having too low a electrolyte level can make them seem dead,but they can be refilled and charged,that usually gives them some added service life..if they are over 5 years old though,they may be toast..

I've read online about using an arc welder to "ZAP" and revive "dead" power tool batteries,some claim it works on car batteries too..but I don't like the potential of an explosion,it's not the safest way to charge a battery...

I had an old friend when I was a teen,who used to run a battery shop in the 40's and 50's,he even sold a line of batteries he made himself,back when they had wood and asphalt cases,not plastic!..

He showed me how they were built,and how to cut one open to replace a bad cell and put it back together--(open battery surgery!)..and I recall his ancient battery charger having a weird "tungar bulb" ,that changed AC to DC,and charged many batteries at once..he had a big marble topped table full of batteries charging there all the time..

I'll never forget the day he was using his welding torch too close to some batteries that were on charge,the hydrogen gas went up like a bomb!--we were brazing a pipe outside for a flagpole he was making,and the wind blew a spark back near the batteries,and POW!..no real harm done,but it sure scared me!..

.....be careful when disconnecting the cables,take the ground cables off first!!..and wear old ratty clothes too,or they WILL be ratty real quick if you get any acid on them!..seems all my jeans have battery acid holes in them,it gives a whole new meaning to "acid washed" jeans!..it's not a good thing to get on your groin, by any means!.

Today is Friday, August 22, 2008.

Got a nice call and a visit from my good friend Coach Lawrence Scully. He was coming to Kirksville to get a haircut, and wanted to stop by and visit over a glass of sweet tea. We coached at Truman St. together, not to mention share the same person that cuts our hair. We visited for a couple of hours...had a lot of laughs...remembered the fun times at TSU....solved most of the problems of the world. He's a Yankees fan, and an Iowa Hawkeye fan. (Poor guy. Always backing a loser.) We have some spirited conversations when it comes to baseball and football.

Mr. Loader came by and gave me an estimate to remove the big cedar tree from my front yard. He will be here tomorrow to do that, and trim the others.

Contacted M&M Golf Cars in Mexico, Mo. and got the batteries ordered for my cart. Looks like batteries, cables, and installation will cost about $150 per battery. They are 8 volt Trojan batteries. Supposedly the best. I didn't realize they made 8 volt batteries. Sure wish I lived closer to Mike Garlock. He could squeeze the fat out of the price of these batteries.
The price I pay to live in the midwest.

Spoke with Rhonda tonight. This will be the last time we visit till she gets back from Canada. I expect she will call on Tuesday sometime.

I have a busy weekend coming. Golf tomorrow. Then on Sunday, I will be taking Carolyn, Herb, Thelma, and Steve to St.Louis to the Cardinal game. I know brother Steve has been looking forward to this for months.

I hope you had a great day, and a better weekend.

  Dear Herby....you're NOT getting rid of my favorite Christmas tree are you????  

Mike Garlock
Hi Herby,

    Have a great time at the St. Louis Game, I know you will and I know Steve will.  Sounds like Coach Scully has it all together.  Tell him if he became a Syracuse Fan he will have made it all the way to Paradise!  Mike G.
Mike G. LOL....Damn Yankee fans. They're only 11 1/2 out. Syracuse may not win a game all year. Go Cardinals. Go Mizzou. We'll have a blast I'm sure Sunday. Steve probably won't sleep a wink the next 2 nights.

YLW....yes, the tree is leaving. It will be gone by 3pm Saturday. It will look so much better too.
Remember, leave the outside decisions to us men. You keep the inside looking good. Read the book!!!!
Rhonda do you want me to drive to MO and chain myself to the tree to save it for you? Maybe I could tag along to the Cards game on Sunday!

Prez, let me answer that. NO!!!!!!!!! No Cardinal game for you, and don't chain yourself to the tree. That could be bad for your health and well being.  You could end up in a brush pile at the landfill.

Dear Herby....could you at LEAST have them use the bucket to fix my tree swing?   It doesn't glide smoothly. It pops and cracks, and is hard to swing in.   It needs new hardware at the top of the tree. Make it swing with ease.

We are just arriving at the Canadian border.  LOVE YOU!!!

I am turning off my phone and computer, since I had $500 in roaming fees on my last Canadian visit.  If you need to reach me call

Have fun at the ballgame.

Today is Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today started with a little rain, but cleared off in time to play golf. Got my 18 holes in, and came home to help with the "Big Cedar" tree in my front yard. I'm happy to say it is gone, and I seeded the area down with grass seed. I then drilled the stumps, and got some stump killer on them. Mowed the yard, and sit back and admired how beatiful it is now. I then noticed some tree limbs from the big oaks in my yard needed trimming. I think I increased the value of my property by 10 grand today.

Poured me a glass of sweet tea and watched the Cardinals get beat by the Bravos. Glad I'm going to see them tomorrow. They need my help badly. Between the 5 of us, we'll bring 'em home to victory.

I'm off to the shower, and then to bed.

Have a great day, and a better tomorrow!!!!!
Today is Sunday, August 24, 2008.

Well I did it again. We just got back from St. Louis, and the Cardinal ballgame. In 52 years, I've only seen them lose once. I used to go 10 times a year when I was younger, and closer to St.Louis. Now, maybe once a year. They owe me season tickets. Can you imagine with my track record, the team going 161-1. You would think it would be a good investment for them.
I took Carolyn, Mom and Dad, and brother Steve. We were in the Champions Club, where they had a buffet, air conditioning, big screen TV, and great seats in the shade on the veranda. We got there 2 hrs prior to game time to watch some BP. Sir Albert Pujols went deep in the first inning. This set the tone for the rest of the day.
Final score Cardinals 6, Braves 3.

Carolyn told Johnnie to look for her on TV. He asked how would he be able to find her? She said she would have a Cardinal red t-shirt on.  (So did 45,000 others.)
We stopped at the Cracker Barrell in Columbia on the way home and had dinner, gassed up across the street, and was home by 8:30pm.

Steve had a big day, and fun was had by all.

Hope your day was as good!!!
San Diego Happenings
Glad to hear that you all had such a great time today, Herb!  Your won-lost record is very impressive.  I'm not very good with statistics, but according to my unofficial calculations, the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE have lost as many Cardinal games this month as you have in your entire career.

Meanwhile in other baseball news.......

The mighty padres came from ahead to lose their 7th straight game and remain 2 & 1/2 games ahead of the Washington Generals....uh, I mean Nationals..... in the battle for the worst record in Major League Baseball.  Washington loses almost every day, so I'm very proud of the way that the padres have stayed with them all season.  For the padres to be 34 games under .500 while "competing" in that pathetic division is one of the most underwhelming achievements in baseball history.  

It looks like this race could go right down to the final weekend of the season, when the Pirates will be in San Diego and RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE will be at Dollywood.  No doubt, Julia will have KDKA blasting away at the Martha White Boutique.  Wish I could be there (at Dollywood, that is!).

We had our annual Summergrass Bluegrass Festival in San Diego County this weekend and I had the honor of being the MC on Friday.  The festival featured the Infamous Stringdusters, Don Rigsby and Midnight Call, Bluegrass Etc., and Chris Stuart and Backcountry, among others.  Chris Stuart has written a lot of great songs which have been recorded by some of the biggest stars in bluegrass.  He also has a very important connection to a phenomenal CD called "Good Thing Going".  The first person to name that connection will win two free tickets to the season finale between the Pirates and the padres (parental discretion advised).

Be sure to watch for me on Monday Night Football on ESPN.  I'll be the one behind the binoculars, making sure that the cheerleaders are staying together on their routines.  Anything to help the team! 
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