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There you are. I've been wondering where the heck you were. I was afraid you had slipped out to sea, never to be heard from again. Started worrying about all the Ragers from the east, and what they were going to do when it comes west coast tour time. Also worried I had booked all those Ohio dates for nothing.

Football season is upon us. Will there be enough players get out of prison to help Georgia field a team? Will THE Ohio State Buckeyes and USC play for the national championship? Will Mizzou get snubbed again by the BCS again? Is Oklahoma as good as everybody says they are? Could the Big 12 supplant the SEC as the best conference in the country this year? What about Florida, LSU, Texas, and Kansas?

These are just a few questions we ponder while watching MNF and looking for Gary as he keeps the cheerleaders in focus.

Let  me clear it up for you Herb, WVU #1 National Champs  

Thanks Susan. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think that's where it ends for WVU. New coach, star running back gone, and you have to play Pitt. Not sure you will win that one. Weak conference. I think the only way the 'eers get to the championship game is by running the table. 1 slip, and it's a lesser bowl game. I think if I have this figured right, the championship game will feature 2 of the following teams...from the Big 12...Mizzou, Oklahoma, or Texas...USC...THE Ohio State...LSU, Georgia, or Florida. 2 of these teams will be playing for the championship. You pick the 2.
My pick....Mizzou and USC!!!! Go Tigers!!!!!
The Ol' Dawg

Thought there was a heat wave in Jawja today - Turns out it was nuthin' more than a lot of "hot air" from Herby a flappin' his jaws about My Beloved Dawgs. Prison, huh ? And, to think that the season ain't even started yet. One thang about it, Herby - The Road to the Big 8 / 12 Championship is just like it's ALWAYS been - Runs straight through Norman, Oklahoma. Until those "Paper Tigers" can figure sumpthin' out, the Sooner Schooner will keep on rollin' over 'em - Just like it's ALWAYS been. What used to be tar (tire) tracks on their UM chest has become wagon wheel ruts over the years. Bless their hearts !!! You REALLY didn't think your trash talkin' would go unanswered, did you ? Think I'll tell the Queen next time I see her how MUCH you enjoy her bein' there to watch the games with you.   


You are correct Dawg. Those Tigers of mine have had tire tracks, wagon wheel tracks, and tiger stripes on the uniforms for years. Thanks goodness they aren't prison stripes!!!!! LOL

The Ol' Dawg

And, you are correct, Herby -

No prison stripes on the Missouri uniforms.


But, your school colors are the same as . . . . . . . . .






Accident ? I think not !!!   


Herb never count WVU out, just ask The Georgia Bulldogs and Oklahoma However my #2 team is OSU! (Because they play the school up north)

Sure kick us when we are down Dawg Besides, we're talking football here....and the Black and Gold has been very good in Pittsburgh when it comes to football
Susan, once again you are correct. The 'eers put a real woopin' on the Boomer Sooners. I watched that game. (Dr. Browning was not happy with the results, I'm sure)They will be tough, but the conference they play in is so weak, they will need to run the table to get in the Championship game. Pitt will be a major hurdle for them.

Prez, try not to confuse the true black and old gold (Mizzou) with the over paid millionaires in pro football (Steelers), and Georgia.  Besides, the Pirates couldn't whip the Little League champs from Hawaii. Swept last weekend with Milwaukee, and heading towards another sweep with the Cubbies. Is the only team they can beat  the Cardinals? We need them to buckle down and play competitively against those other 2 teams.

I say let the games begin....Mizzou has a tough opener this Saturday in the border war with the Fightin' Illini in St.Louis. The Illini are said to be the 2nd best team in the Little 10, behind of course, THE Ohio State Buckeyes.

Should be a fun year!!!!! You never know what's going to happen in College football. That's what makes it so exciting!!!
Now Herb you can beat up on the Pirates all you want because really I'm the only one who even cares but you don't want to mess with the Steelers fans....I can hear Katie typing a response right now

And to answer your question, YES the Cards are the ONLY team the Pirates can beat We take what we can
The Ol' Dawg

Right now is the BEST time of year -


"Hope springs eternal" and EVERYBODY is undefeated !!!

Gary Kennedy

I normally don't do sports predictions, but I wanted to jump in here and represent the Little 10, primarily because I know how much the great RHONDA VINCENT loves to see our football discussions. 

I certainly don't want to alienate Susan, especially now that she's thrown her support our way (along with the rest of WVU from what I hear).  The only thing predictable about college football is that Sassy will make the same prediction every year.  It hasn't come true yet, but maybe this is the year.

I'm very excited about the upcoming season, especially since so many of OHIO STATE's student-athletes decided to come back to school and pursue scholarly interests in their senior year.  Last year, michigan's seniors were quite outspoken about coming back to school for two reasons: to beat OHIO STATE and win a national championship.  I hope that they all got degrees, because they finished their careers 0-4 against the BUCKEYES and were out of the national title race after their first game (not that I would ever be one to gloat).  

Herby, I could be wrong, but I doubt that the Big 12 is better than the SEC.  It would be nice to see that determined on the field, though, rather than in somebody's computer.  Missouri should waltz through the Big 12 North, but whether they can beat the Sooners is another matter.  Kansas will probably come back to reality this season.  Last year they didn't have to play Oklahoma, Texas, or Texas Tech, but they get all three of them this season, as well as Mizzou and South Florida.

Georgia definitely deserves to be ranked #1, based upon how they finished last year and the players that they have returning.  No disrespect to LSU, but I thought that the Bulldogs were the best team in the country by the end of the year.  If the Vols hadn't pulled out those last two games against the United Kingdom and Vandy.....well, who knows?  Georgia's biggest problem may be that their schedule is much more difficult than Florida's.  In fact, their schedule is probably more difficult than anybody's.  Playing their last four conference games away from Sanford is just insane.  Whoever booked that needs to have his atlas examined.  I'm not saying that they can't win all of those games, but it's not going to be easy.  I still don't understand why they don't make the Gators go to Athens every other year.  But then, I'm still trying to figure out why the Big Ten ever agreed to have its champion play the Pac 10 champion in LA every year (not that I'm bitter or anything).

I'm trying not to look too far ahead, but I'll be in the LA Coliseum, and hopefully celebrating, on Bill Monroe's birthday.  When OHIO STATE scheduled the USC game, I think they were trying to schedule Troy University and accidentally called the wrong number.  Some of the greatest teams in OSU history have squandered national championships in Tenseltown, although usually not until New Year's Day.  The BUCKEYES havn't lost a game that I've attended since the '85 Rose Bowl, so they definitely need to keep that streak alive.  Be sure to look for me on TV.  Hopefully, I'll be the one who's cheering.

It's that time again, so good luck to everyone, play hard, keep it clean, and may the best team be


We now return you to our regular musical programming........

Today is Tuesday, August 26, 2008.

Took Dad fishin' today. It was a gorgeous day, and the fish were jumping in the boat. We caught some of the nicest crappie we've ever caught. Most were 12-15" and thick. They made great fillets. I don't know how many we caught, but I put 4 quarts in the freezer, and Dad put 3 in his. I think we were gone for an hour.

The "Knuckleheads" called just when I got home, and wanted to play some golf. Played 18 holes, then my Honey called to tell me she was back in the U.S. Hadn't spoke to her in 4 days, so I told her I would call her back later tonight, as I was busy at the time. (that went over well) Now, back to some football talk.

GLK...I think the Big 12 could be better than the SEC this year from top to bottom. In the preseason poll, there are 5 Big 12 teams in the top 15. There's a consensus in the media (which I agree with) that the Big 12 has the best QB's in the country without question. They also predict Josh Freeman of K-State as the #1 pick in the NFL draft in 2 years. That's speaking volumes since he is the 8th rated QB in the conference this year. The best running back prospect, and the #1 rated HS player signed with Colorado. He will be starting as a freshman.
The conference returns 10 of 12 starting QB this year. Most are high profile players. The conference was very young last year, which brings a lot of promise this year. The SEC looks to be down this year, with only 4 teams as BCS hopefuls. The rest you can throw into a hat and draw them out. The Big 12 is solid top to bottom. The north will feature Mizzou, Kansas, Colorado, K-State, Nebraska. The south will feature Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. Theres 10 teams that could beat anybody on any given weekend. I would be happy to match them up with the SEC, Pac 10, Big 10, or anybody else's top 10 teams.
No, I think the BIG 12 has it this year. Unfortunately, we'll beat up on each other before bowl season gets here. Similar to the SEC in previous years.

Can't wait till Saturday!!!!!
Gary thanks(I think)   All this talk about the BIG EAST is weak?? Perhaps we should check and see how many teams from the BIG EAST have been in Bowl Games the past few years, and how many wins the BIG EAST have had in those games.  

I am sure GLK can help me out with those statistics!!  
Love You guys, but when it comes to my Mountaineers,I get a little crazy

Having said all that I hope we win the BIG EAST
Herby, I thought that you were still trashing the Big Ten when you mentioned crappie.  I think I'll defer to you and let the Southeasterners stick up for themselves, since I really don't care who has the best conference (it's a good thing, too).  I don't have much conference pride, since I don't especially care for the other Big Ten teams.  I just wish that the Big Ten would go to a round rockin' robin schedule, instead of playing these pointless games against Youngstown State and Brown Rice.  This season's schedule doesn't even allow for OHIO STATE's annual thrashing of Indiana.  That's usually what helps us get thru basketball season.

The game starts at 9:00 am on Saturday, so I have to be in line by 8:00 just to get in the bar.  See you there!
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