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Susan, that's the longest post that I've seen from you in years.  I'm  exhausted just from reading it. 

I'm accustomed to being paid to provide sports statistics, but you're a good friend, so this one is on the house.  Just don't tell anyone, because this could be setting a very dangerous precedent.

The Big East was 3-2 in bowl games last season, and 5-0 the previous year. 

Following the 2005 season, the Big East lost three bowl games and only won one.  Sassy, is there anything that you'd like to say about that one win? 
The Ol' Dawg

Gary Lee - Coach Tressell was on one of the Atlanta sports talk stations this week, and was asked about games against teams like Youngstown St. He said that, traditionally, Ohio State has 12 teams that they rotate on their schedules like that. According to him, Ohio State and these small schools have had a working agreement over the years. He said that Ohio State is kinda like "Big Brother" to these schools and schedule 'em to help 'em out with their athletic budgets. He said that it was that way when he was the coach at Youngstown. He said that the revenues from the Ohio State game alone would nearly fund Youngstown's ENTIRE athletic budget (all sports) for the whole year. Ohio State can then fill the home game schedule without home and home dates that create a scheduling nightmare for enough home dates every other year. He said that they helped support and maintain the health of these smaller schools from a financial standpoint - Kinda like a "Good Neighbor" policy to the local schools. Thought you'd like to know !!!


I'm glad Youngstown has some good neighbors within the state to help them out.  For some strange reason UNC and Wake Forest, or any of the other schools here in NC, want any part of the ASU Mountaineers.  That's O.K though, as long as Michigan will pay the Apps 400K to come to their big house and win and LSU will pay 750K for them to come down to Death Valley, who needs good neighbors.   Armanti Edwards for Heisman.  Maybe someone was right when he said ASU fans have replaced Notre Dame fans as the most delusional fans in America.  For those of you interested, the "mythical" BCS national champion LSU takes on the "win it on the field"  FCS national champion Appalachian State Saturday at 5:00 on ESPN.  Hopefully, we can make it respectable.  After lasts years win at Michigan I doubt LSU will be taking ASU lightly. 

Today is Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another wonderful day in N'East Mo. I got up this morning had breakfast, fed the calves and started my day. First thing was to burn a big brush pile that had been growing since spring. Then Dad brought over a 1000# of feed for the calves that we unloaded. Next it was off to the country club to meet Tom Phillips who was there to fix my golf cart. 6 new 8 volt batteries, cables and connectors for $800.
It was now lunch time. Time for my turkey sandwich. Went to Home Depot and bought a mulching sod buster to pull behind my lawn mower, some more grass seed, and some fertilizer, to fix my yard where the cedar tree was. (suppose to rain tonight) Rounded up the brush pile, so it could burn some more. Treated my 7 stumps in the yard so they will continue to die. Booked some jobs, took care of some other music business, then made my salad for supper. Now it's time to shower and rest for the remainder of the evening.

Watching the Cardinals lose another game to the Brewers. 3-1 in the 7th.

Heard from the wife today. She was in a mall shopping. Go figure. Bought 2 more rings. They were 70% off. She felt like she did me a favor by spending $500.
Just another day in paradise.

How was your day today?
Dear "Herby"

Haven't you learned one thing from us women?  If there is one thing that my mom taught me growing up, that is to tell your spouse how much money you SAVED before you ever tell them how much you spent.  In many instances, we didn't tell Dad how much we spent.  It worked like a charm (and still does).

Today was busy but all in all a pretty good day.  Thanks for asking. hehe



Courtney, Yeah, I just love the way women justify spending money. Like us guys are dumb enough to fall for the 70% off thing. It's the bottom line ladies. If it's $500 it's $500.
Enough said!!
Gary Kennedy

Dawg, that is so typical of everyone from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  We're always looking for ways to help others.  That's why the rest of the country loves us so much!

The Ol' Dawg

Actually, Gary, there is a pretty large Buckeye fanbase in the Atlanta area - Probably more so than any other school from other parts of the country. Sure has been a lot of talk about Terrell Pryor down here and when Tressell will get him into the line-up this year.

Herby - Sounds like Your Lovin' Wife subscribes to the old theory (where shoppin' is involved). You know, the one that goes,

"It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission."   

Tom Alman

Are you ready for some football
A Thursday night special
We got the Dawg and Herby and G-L-K
We  have different opions and that's OK

I'd better stick to booking, instead of song writing. Hank Jr. would be offended by that version. Maybe as a rap song. It could work.

A little golf today, and football tonight. Wow, does it get any better than that?

Who's your favorite team playing this weekend?

Mizzou 45  Illinois 10.....Saturday night in prime time.
Robert Hall
Dear Herbie :

I think your lucky Rhonda didn't spend a LOT more than just 500 bucks!--most women can spend that much in their sleep!--or on SHOES!...

...besides,she's WORTH it,ain't she???..

Better not complain too much,or she'll remind you of your golf carts 800 dollar overhaul!.

Herbie's face will probably look like this,when he gets his Visa bill >

But he's still a very lucky guy, to be married to
RHNDA!--right Herbie?.

Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

    I will start the ball rolling....I hope Missouri wins I have alway's liked the Big 12.  I have no love for the Big 10.  For years the biggest game for us was Syracuse-Penn St.  Penn St. wanted Syracuse to play them at home every year to fill there Stadium.  We didn't think that was fair, so they joined the Big 10.  Now this year they are back at the Carrier Dome and we still have a Marginal Team.  Because of all the Years I spent at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio I can root for OSU.  SEC Fans don't help themselves with all the raving they do, but when Miami left the Big East for the SEC that was that.  Sorry Mike's, but your teams should do well Saturday.  Nuff said.  Mike G.

Northwestern     35

Syracuse           21

It will not be pretty...
Mike B
Mike G - Your point about the ravings of SEC fans is well taken.  We do love our football down here.  Saturday night, however, I am going against the SEC and pulling for the ACC's Clemson against the university of alabama!  I am for AUBURN and anyone who plays alabama.  That may sound extreme or even unsportsmanlike, but that's how it is here in our state.  Gotta love it!
PS - Miami is in the ACC, not the SEC.
Mike Garlock
Hi Mike,

    I understand completely about Alabama you see when Basketball Season arrives we root for Syracuse and anybody playing Georgetown!  Mike G.
The Ol' Dawg

Hey, Y'all - Did I mention that Kickoff is less than an hour away and "Our Old Friend" will be back to visit us for a few months ?

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