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Today is Friday, August 29, 2008.

Had a nice rain last night. Hopefully the grass seed I planted to cover the ground the big ole cedar tree left will be popping up soon. The front that moved through cooled things off some also. Yesterday was 90 and humid. Today the humidity dropped along with the temperature.
I've been busy today with home improvements again. Bought some beautiful silk arrangements for the front porch. Got them hung. Honey will be so proud of me when she gets home on Monday.
Phone has been ringing off the wall. Got next years cruise set, cabin allotments, destinations, and ship. Should be fun. I can't tell you anything about it yet, but it will be going somewhere we have NEVER been to. You will love it!!! This cruise will sellout quick, fast, and in a hurry. OK, I will give you a little hint....it begins with "P" That's all I'm going to say about it, wild horses couldn't drag it out of me. Don't try to guess, cause then I will be forced to tell you if you are right. I know Rhonda is very excited!!!!!

I also spoke to someone today about booking a series (Wed, Thur, Fri.) from June through December. This is also very exciting for me. I will be branching out into areas that I haven't done before. I can't disclose anything more about this either till the deal is firm, and contracted. If it comes through though, I know all the Ragers will be as excited as I am. It does envolve RV&R. That's all I'm going to say about this!!!! Wild horses couldn't drag anymore out of me!!!!
Don't be sneaky, and ask RV about this, cause she won't say anything about it either. Her lips are sealed. Wild horses couldn't drag it out of her. (Maybe a small pony.)

It's been such an exciting day today, that I could barely eat tonight. I did manage to do so though.

How's your day been?
OK, I will give you a little hint....it begins with "P"

AWESOME!!!!! A CRUISE TO PITTSBURGH!!!! Are we going to all of the 3 Rivers??????? I need to go buy a black and gold Pirates bikini!!!!! Herb you are TOO kind to book this cruise just for ME!!! And here I didn't think you cared!!
Hi Honey....we're closing in on Nashville.

It's feels a school bus today. We dropped Hunter in Bristol.

Yogi stopped for coffee with Barbara in Morristown.

Next we dropped Darrell at the Dollywood to meet Amanda. 

Everyone is on their way home except me.  

I won't get to see you till next week. 

Guess I can get laundry done tonight.  Maybe there will be a Law & Order Marathon?  

We hope to see many of you in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry.....and at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop.  We have some exciting guests. I've never met Cooter before, but I feel like I already know him, after seeing him on the Dukes of Hazard. 

The girls are very excited to make their radio debut.  Their professor, Daniel Boner will be making his first appearance on the Opry with us; and later performing with the girls at ETs.

We also have a young lady that sang with us in Cherryville, NC. She will be singing a song too. Making her Nashville debut is  Meah Faith Hunsucker.

It's gonna be quite a night. Come join the fun!!!

See you there.....

Prez....remember i said we were going to try and sell this cruise out!!!!! (I know the rest of you think this is a slam on seeing the Prez in a bikini) Pittsville, I mean Pittsburgh just isn't on the schedule of stops. Can you imagine Pa. in Feb? The pool area wouldn't get much business. Especially if the Prez was out there in a bikini....I mean because it would be so cold.

Dear "Rhonda"

I would truly like to fly to Nashville to see you, since it's been a couple of weeks. But, I have golf to play Saturday. Mizzou football is on TV Saturday night. I also have a "Best Ball" golf tournament on Sunday. Monday is Labor Day, with more golf in store, and Monday Night Poker with the boys. I hope I can find time to come pick you up at the airport on Monday. I have a busy social schedule you know.

What time does that flight gt in? I'd better get it on the schedule, or you may be stuck in KC.

Good thing you reminded me!!!!!
Gary Kennedy

Today is Sunday, August 31, 2008.

The endless summer is now officially over.  My 30th year of San Diego State athletics got underway this weekend with a women's volleyball tournament and SDSU's first home football loss of the season.

I got up early yesterday and was in my seat in the bar by 8:30 am for the 9:00 OHIO STATE game.  I wasn't overly impressed, but I guess that's inevitable in a game like that.  The offense was terrible in the Scarlet ZoneIf they can't score touchdowns against the Penguins, I don't even want to think about what it's going to be like when they get to Hollywood in two weeks.  At least our field goal kicker had a big day, and we're going to need him before this is all over.  There's probably going to be a season-long quarterback controversy, the experienced senior vs. the freshman phenom.  No matter what, my policy will continue to be "In Tressel We Trust" (hey, the guy is 6-1 against michigan, which is what makes life worth living).

After the game, I zipped over to SDSU to keep stats for a couple of volleyball matches in a gym without air conditioning.  At this time of year, it's downright miserable, especially for afternoon matches.  Then I zipped over to The Stadium Formerly Known As The Murph to operate the scoreboard during
San Diego State's exciting loss to powerful Cal Poly (no relation to Pretty). 

I'm pretty good at multi-tasking, so I was able to watch some real football on TV at various times throughout the day.  I especially enjoyed Utah's win.  Mizzou looked good as long as they had the ball, but they may have some defensive issues to resolve.  I'm sure that Herby will give us an in-depth analysis, but he probably wants to hear RHONDA's comments about the game first.  Herby, don't forget to go pick her up in Kansas City!!!

Today I had a rare Sunday off, so I was able to sleep in, then head out to the beach for a long walk.  After that, I went to the gym for a rousing workout, which included 75 minutes on the elliptical crossramp.  I started out listening to one of my favorite exercise groups, the Lonesome River Band.  Then I switched to "All American Bluegrass Girl" and finally, "One Step Ahead".  The gym is actually the only place where I sometimes don't like to listen to the great RHONDA VINCENT, because it's usually so noisy.  Those people on the treadmill just don't seem to understand the "No talking while RHONDA is singing" rule.  However, there weren't very many people in there this afternoon, and they had the house music turned down low for a change, so it worked out well.

After the gym, it was time to come home and eat.  I had a 2 baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, fake chicken, and some fake ribs while I watched Louisville play the UK, which I had recorded earlier in the day.  The DVR has turned out to be a money-saving purchase, because it causes me to eat at home a lot more.  Kentucky has a high-scoring defense, but I don't expect them to be a factor in the conference race, even though I heard that the SEC is down this year.  I'm still having serious doubts about that one, although I heard it from the world's foremost authority on.....well actually, the world's foremost authority on everything!

For those of you who think that watching sports is a waste of time, I want you to know that I played guitar during the entire second half.  I find that my rhythm is a lot better when I play by myself. 

After that, I watered the garden and then started posting nonsense on the RHONDA VINCENT Message Board.

How was your day?

Today is Tuesday, September 2, 2008.

Please excuse my absence the past few days, with the holiday and Rhonda coming home, I've been pretty busy.

Saturday night saw my Tigers beat the Illini in unconvencing fashion. Their pass defense was non existent, and didn't move the ball offensively in crucial parts of the game. I was dissappoionted to say the least. But, a win is a win, and it was the first game of the season, and it was against a ranked opponent. I guess my expectations were a little too high.
USC looked very impressive for the first game of the season. They would most likely have my vote as the #1 team. Several others had less than stellar performances, but should get better as the season progresses. I thought Georgia, and LSU gave up more points than they should have considering who they were playing. Florida looked a little better than the others, but not much. The Ohio St. Buckeyes didn't make me think I should automatically declare them champs.  Oklahoma played a nobody also.
My thinking that the ACC, BIG East, and Big Ten, are very weak conferences among the BCS, have not changed, and in reality have strengthened  my convictions. The Big 12, and SEC are head and shoulders above the rest, with the Pac 10 coming in a distant 3rd.
The Big 10 is a 1 team show (OSU) same with the Big East (WVU) The ACC is so weak, I'm not sure I can come up with a team deserving of BCS consideration.
The PAC 10 is similar to the Big 10 with 1 team above the rest, and 2, or 3 mild challengers.

On another note, Rhonda did get home last night, and we did what we normally do when we haven't seen each other in 3 weeks.....went grocery shopping!!! Time for her to cook for her King!!!
I've been watering the new seedlings I planted where the old tree stood, and low and behold, grass is starting to grow!!!

Rhonda was very impressed with the upgrades I made to our house. I think she said "You did this all by yourself, without my input?" I took that as a complement.

How was your day today?
The Ol' Dawg

I agree  - Southern Cal was mighty impressive against a "middle of the pack" ACC team. Does that REALLY say much ? I doubt it - Kinda like "Grandstanding" for a national television audience and the pollsters. After a while, "style points" won't count for as much, when "strength of schedule" kicks in. Ain't hard to tell that College Football is back again - Tommy Bowden and Phillip Fulmer are ALREADY tryin' to beat the wolves back from the front door again - And it's only the FIRST week !!!  

Dawg, I agree the ACC is very weak, and Virginia is not a power by any stretch. BUT, they did have 7 different people score touchdowns. Their defense looked very strong. AND, it was better competition than Ga. Southern, Youngstown St. and Chattanooga. How does the #1 team in the country give up 20 pts to Ga. Southern? The SEC is supposed to be known for their defense. LSU gives up a couple of touches to APSU, a div 1AA team. In years past, that would be unheard of in the SEC.
It's early, and I imagine the big boys will get their acts together.

Here's the Herby top 10 as I see it.
1. USC
2. Georgia
3. Ohio State
4. Oklahoma
5. Florida
6. LSU
7. Missouri (I dropped them 1 spot for poor defense against Illinois)
8. West Virginia
9. Texas
10. Auburn
The Ol' Dawg

Admittedly, UGA played a 1-AA team. However, the Dawgs did start emptying the bench at the beginning of the second quarter, and had a 38-0 lead at one point. GA. Southern got to rollin' against our scrubs at the end of the game. The Dawgs had 540 yards of offense, with 8 different receivers catchin' balls, and Moreno's backup at tailback gettin' 92 yards, and averaging 8 yards a run. Overall, UGA averaged over 6 yards a play, with much of the game bein' played with backups. It all depends on what you're tryin' to accomplish. Is it REALLY necessary to beat people as bad as you can ? Coach Richt chose to empty the bench and we still won by 24. That's good enough for me. What happened in the polls was my preference anyway - To be dropped to #2 after a win. It would be my hope that the Dawgs will now "have a chip on their shoulder" for the rest of the season - When you play the schedule that we have, every "edge" can help.


USC is undoubtedly the greatest team ever assembled.  I doubt that any of the other teams could even give them a close game.  Might as well send them the trophy now.

The Ol' Dawg

You're right, Brutus - Y'all had better go ahead and cancel that game. I hear that even the Patriots and Giants run, duck, and hide when they hear Southern Cal is in town !!!  

Today is Wednesday, September 3, 2008.

Hurricane Gustav made its presence felt here today. Started raining at 7am, and hasn't stopped yet. Temps dropped 30 degrees from this time yesterday. Rhonda has been complaining all day. Too cold....have to wear shoes with toes in them....her office is a mess....when does she go back on the road????

We took my Mom and Dad out for lunch today to celebrate their 53rd anniversary. Went to a new italian restaurant in K-ville. Was very good. For those Ragers who have stayed in K-ville, it's The Best Western Shamrock Inn. The restaurant next door. FYI

Got the blue suburbon out of the doctors office. New starter, oil lube and filter, checked coolant. $385.92. Now have it at the body shop to get a massage and polish, to fix the dents where she backed into the house in Nashville. Don't even want to know the damages there. This will probably be Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary all rolled up into 1.

Trying to get motivated to do some paperwork....Rainy days make my eyes heavy. How was your day today?
The Ol' Dawg

My day ? As has been the case for the last 18 months or so in Jawja, it danged sho' didn't include any rain !!! Sho' is DRY around here !!!  

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