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Hello from the Huddle House east of Knoxville!!!   They probably think I'm staking out the place.

I first ordered a bbq sandwich to go.  I left in search of a 7-up.
Came back, and saw a guy eating a waffle. It smelled soooo good.

So I ate my bbq while I sat at the counter; and ordered a waffle to go.

I took my waffle and left.  Only to remember a few minutes later that we needed ice on the bus. So...I went back a third time.

The waffle was delicious.  Kenny thought it smelled so good; EVERYONE went in this time.  So we're huddling again for a fourth time!!! 


I'm SURE this waffle was made with Martha White Flour too!!!  

**Special note to Dear Herby (BEFORE HE RAISES HIS VOICE and types the "NoNo"      symbol at me): 
I used fat free butter on the waffle and drank fat free milk!!!  

I can't help that I slept till 11am this morning, and ate lunch at 4pm.
So technically 12 midnight EST is my biological dinner time. 

Wow, some people get it good Lol, Good morning from down under.

Good Morning DON!!!  

Yummy yummy in my tummy!!!!
A waffle sounds pretty good just about now...
The Ol' Dawg

At least when the Queen is "waffling", it ain't on the issues -


Obama & McCain could learn from her !!!    

Good Morning!!

I wish you'd called me.  I couldn't sleep and would've loved to have come and had a waffle with you.  But be careful in East Knoxville, it's not the best end of town.

Mike Garlock
Morning Rhonda,

    Any Paint Ball Gun Totin' Knoxville Girls hang out there?  Mike G.
Dear "Rhonda"
Don't get up till 11am, and still eating at midnight?   Now you know that breakfast is served at 6am, and dinner at 5pm, and bedtime is 10pm, so you can get up at 5am to cook breakfast again.

Once again you've been gone too long. You need to get back home and take a refresher course. I might need to send you up north to Agent 86. He could also train you how to hook up the dog sled. Their chores for a female are a lot different than ours. It might be culturally good for you to spend some time in the cold north. I think you have had it too easy this summer. This is obvious from your post. You've got your days and nights mixed up, not to mention your eating times.

Agent 86....do you have time for a 2 week training course for Rhonda? I know it would be a burden, but you would be helping out a fellow man.
Mr. Zoom

I don't think Agent 86 could keep up with the Bluegrass Express!  "Missed it by THAT much!" 

Mr. Zoom
Alas, Rhonda, no Huddle House in my neck of the woods.  The nearest one is in Moundsville, 2 hours away.  We do, however, have an IHOP here in Morgantown as well as a Cracker Barrel that opened late last year.

Edward from WV
Mr. Zoom
Waffle House (not Huddle House) has a poll.

When it comes to waffles, are you Red State or Blue State?

Agent 86


We are available for a 2 week training course anytime, up here in the cold, cold Northland, although most courses run for 2 years. You can just put Rhonda on a train, bus, or horseback, to the border, and then well meet her with the dog sled team. From there it would only be a few days trek to the true north. (It’s uphill both ways in the blinding snow)

Once in the North she would learn the fine art of female chores. Although 2 weeks is hardly enough time to whip her into shape we could do the fast track course. (No time for the mandolin ………. leave it home ………… anything made of wood, we burn to keep warm.)

Just a few of the things that she will learn how to do: 1) ice fishing ….. you never know what you might catch ……… no water snakes (it’s to cold), but the odd Arctic Venom Spitting 6 Foot Electric Eel isn’t out of the question. Just don’t look them in the eye. They don’t like that. 2) perform as a rider in the polar bear rodeo ……… you only have to stay on for 18.3 seconds. 3) Feed the fish ………………….. to the dogs 4) put the winter rust proof paint on the igloo 5) cut a hole in the ice for a new toilet 6) assist in building a 2 story igloo 7) drive a snowmobile on the ice while trolling for arctic char. 8) learn how to make a fur coat, the right way.

(Remember it’s NOT “fur side outside, skin side inside”.

The only CORRECT way to make a warm fur coat is

fur side inside, skin side outside”.)

You’re right Herby, she’s got her days and nights mixed up. There won’t be much time for sleep here, as we only get about 1 hour of darkness each night, so we are able to train 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. She will be so busy with all the chores that there will be no time to cook. (I know you’ve already got that one covered from your course.) As you know we eat everything as it was meant to be eaten ………….. RAW.

So, just ship her up anytime, and I think she’ll soon realize that living, and taking care of dear ole Herby is a “Cake Walk”.   Hope this helps.

Looking forward to a new student.

Have a great day!

Agent 86,

I think horseback would be the method of travel for her. If you need her longer than 2 weeks, she does have more time in December. The weather, and ice should be frozen better by then. As far as the mandolin goes, I think Hunter would vote to go ahead and bring it just in case you run out of fire wood.

She usually has a tough time sleeping during the day. The daylight bothers her, so 23 hours of daylight should be perfect. She could get more done that way.

I think the fur coat idea is great. She loves shopping for coats, this way she doesn't have to spend any money. Just go out and whip the bear with a stick, skin him, and voila, she has a new fur coat.

I knew you would come through for me. You are the man!!!!!!!
Herby, you and agent 86 are truly, brave men and deserve the utmost admiration from all of us ,of the male species .
However,personally,i value, both my mental and physical well being ,far too much to write anything, like you two have, anywhere,that there`s a chance that my sweet wife,may read it !.........but....  on her own message board....    now that`s really pushing the limits....good luck guys.

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