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Mr. Zoom

I don't think that's the real Agent 86.  He didn't mention anything about the Cone of Silence. 

Agent 99
OH, Brother!!  I think Agent 86 is living in an imaginary world.
Mr. Zoom.........If 86 had of been thinking he should have used the Cone of Silence. 
It is the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, bet you can never guess what end of the turkey 86 is gonna get????   
Boys (86 & Ole Herby), just remember payback!!!!   


Now the way I see it 99, you girls shouldn't have time to be playing on the computers. You have way too much work to do. I can't wait to get Rhonda up there for some REAL training. 86 will do a good job!!!!! He will get rid of the KAOS.

Scott in Buffalo
Herb,  If you cancel a couple dates around the Buffalo show in January, maybe  the Agent from the far North could make a road trip down the " Queen E "  and do the ice fishin seminar right here on Lake Erie.  It'll be frozen, and within a  brisk walk of the venue!  That way she wouldn't  miss as much time away in December and could keep up her chores at home. 
Rev. CT Strickland Jr.
Ahhh Herby and Agent 86!

What would we do without the pro-HE-Man trainers like you two?

How insightful of you Herby to detect Rhonda's "apparent apostacy" from the tried and true methods of orthodox female duties.

I might also add a crash-course survey of some OT books of the Bible where a beautiful and yet disciplined woman named Abigal ordered an animal killed dressed and cooked for David, and his mighty men, even before he was the King, but simply because he was a bold, and brave MAN, fighting his enemies during the reign of King Saul.

She then loaded fig cakes and all kinds of trimmings on donkees and HAND DELIVERED THEM out in the field so that David would not even have to come and pick the food up.

YES!  Those women of OT times must have been the TRUE INSPIRATION for your books Herby, and for your TRAINING COURSES agent 86.

Continue to crack the whip, Herby, and don't let up until you get the results that you expect because Rhonda is blessed to have such an insightful man that is so truly devoted to her success, not only as an artist, but as a woman.

Thanks for raising the bar, and setting the example for all of us men.



Thanks C.T. I always respect the opinions of a man of the cloth. You're obviously on the same page as Agent 86 and myself. We do our best to keep the women folks in line. It's not always an easy thing to do.


CT- you couldn't have chosen a worse example;Abigail presented David with those gifts because her husband was a fool!

So true, Greg, but remember that she later married David, after her first husband died, and remember her first husband (the fool) would not shew any kindness to David or his men.

Which is so unlike us Ragers.  We are kind to other men and our wives.


Which is so unlike us Ragers.  We are kind to other men and our wives

Well said. It's fun to be a wise guy. It's even more fun when you are a wise man as well.

Take care.................Greg
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