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Don A

Hey  Herb & Rhonda  ................ what a milestone, 25 years.  For your anniversary you should consider going on a cruise.  We did that for our 25th, last year.  Here's a link to the best cruise out there.  Think about it ............ maybe we'll see you there.


Okay, after that sweet note, I can almost let the "Dear Herby" column slide for another year!

Congrats, Rhonda and Herb! May you have many, many more years to show kindness, love, laughter and joy with one another!


p.s. And Merry Christmas to the whole Sandker/Vincent clans and now the soon to be out-law, Hunter!

Happy 25th Anniversary!!
I hope you had a very
Happy Anniversary
Kim from MO
Congratulations Rhonda and Herb!  You don't hear of many couples making it to 25 in this day and age and especially in the entertainment industry.  That is a testament to both of you!  Herb, your note to Rhonda made my cry, it was very sweet and thoughtful.  I have no doubt that you'll make another 25!  Best wishes!

Kim from MO
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