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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DON maybe Ann will make you some homemade ice cream have a great day


Happy 50th Birthday Don!!!!

Joe & Lynn
Happy birthday Don!!!
See you at Sally Mtn.
Mike B
Happy Birthday Don!  I joined the 50 club 5 weeks ago.  Ann is very lucky to have a fine man like you!

Mike B
scott and karen
i bet hes got his montreal tie on tonight... happy birthday banjo man... be sure to pamper him ann.
see you in febuary 
scott and karen

Happy Birthday!

Don A.

Thanks, Ann A/99, Herby, Courtney, Uncle Pen & Friend, Jim & Mary G., Julia, Charlie K., Whitey & Linda, Charles, Harry, Vito, Savannah, Jody, Sherry, Gloria, Joe & Lynn, Mike B., Scott & Karen, and Susan, for the birthday wishes.

It was a great busy day with lots of fun, even though I'm now officially a Geezer.  I was fed grapes most of the day by 99, and we did have shrimp later on in the day ... well not all of us.

Family came over later in the afternoon/evening for a great meal, birthday cake, ice cream, and then a jam session.

It was a great birthday.!

Thanks everyone.
Mike Garlock
Happy Birthday Don,

    I bet it was a Hoot!  We wish we could have been there.  Mike & Brenda
Don A.

Thanks Mike & Brenda, we had a blast.
We wish you could have been here too, but I know the both of you had a ton of fun where you were. Thanks for the video birthday greeting, from the beautiful state of PA.



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