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99 & 86

Happy Birthday Uncle Pen .......July 20th
Sorry we are late but way up here in the NORTH we're a few days behind!

Agents 158

Gary Kennedy
99 & 86, up there in the NORTH you also add funny!

Happy Birthday
Uncle Pen

Thanks all!!

:o 99 :o
I have a habit of switching numbers......Don will kill me! LOL.  This doesn't work well with the check book either....... he usually says "HANDS OFF"!



Thanks GLK

Jim G

Happy Belated Birthday UNCLE PEN.It was good to meet you at Sally Mountain.

Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Pen!!

I hope that your homemade ice cream turned out great!

Ann, is that what you do with your credit card bills?  Swap the numbers to make it look like you bought less?  

Note to self:  Swap numbers on credit card bills so that husband doesn't notice my shopping habit.
Uncle Pen
Be careful Courtney, that trick could backfire if you actually bought $158 of stuff....  

 You spent $851 at the grocery  store!!!!???********
Mary C. and Jim

Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Pen!!! Hope you had a good day!

Jody Goodman
Happy birthday Uncle Pen!!!
Good Point Uncle Pen!

Note to Self:  Use white out on the credit card bills.

 C.P. ... don't get a credit card.  There's the solution!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Pen!!!
Jim Hughes
Hey Mike....

Happy belated Birthday!   Hope it was a great day.

Happy Belated Birthday, Uncle Pen!
Hope you had a great day Uncle!!
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