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Mike Garlock

I hope you have a wonderful day Ann.  I know Don will make it special, eh...Mike G


Happy 29th birthday agent 99!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Ann!!
UnclePen's Friend

Happy Birthday Ann !!!!!

     Happy Birthday Ann !!!

Hope your day was extra special.

Debbie & Brie
Happy Birthday, Ann!


Ann, Hope you are having a wonderful Birthday!!!
Don A

Holy Smokes Mike G., thanks for the reminder ............. I almost forgot, eh! 

Ann was so busy today with all the kookin', kleenin', takin' care of the kids, mowin' the grass,  trimmin' the hedge, rotatin' the tires on the truck, feedin' the hog, and edgin' the driveway, that it completely slipped her mind too. (Maybe old age is settin' in.)

When she's done doin' the dishes and foldin' the laundry, I think I'll surprise her ........... she'll think she's on the RV Bluegrass Cruise ............. I'll roll down the top sheet on the bed, put a chocolate on her pillow, and serenade her to sleep by playin' "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" on the old 5-string.

How romantic. 

Any guesses how old she is?


Older than dirt.

That's right, shes:




The Best Older Wife In Town, well ... the country ... ok, the whole wide world.

Don A,

Don't forget to fold the towel in the shape of an animal!

Don A

Thanks for the reminder Debbie, I think I'll make a snake! 

Agent 86...good to hear from you again. But I have to take exception with your comparison of agent 99 being older than dirt. I've been working with old man dirt all this week. I have to tell ya, she's got to be 2-3 yrs younger.

Sounds like you still have her trained well. Keep up the good work.

Sea ya soon!!!!
Mary C. and Jim

Happy Birthday, Ann!!! Hope you had a great day!

Charlie K

Happy Birthday, 99. I hope you had a terrific birthday, even with that banjo serenading you to sleep. Things could be alot worse, 99 could be your age instead of your code name!

Sweet Brenda & Him
Happy Birthday Ann!!!!!
Sweet Brenda & Him
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