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Happy birthday Ann!!!

The Ol' Dawg

Happy Birthday, Ann !!!

Ann A
Mike, Herby, Courtney, Uncle Pen's Friend (Amy), ~debbie, Debbie & Brie, Ragin' Rhonda, Julia, Don A (Agent 86), Mary C & Jim, Charlie K, Sweet Brenda & Him (Calvin), (Handsome) Harry, The Ol' Dawg............
Thank you so much for all the GREAT birthday wishes.  Don did keep me busy, I'm not sure what is happening around here with the milestone events....our 25th Anniversary (last year) we had to look for a new vehicle to pull our trailer as the old van blew up............this year for my 50th (just a number.......right??????) we are looking for a vehicle for our son Andrew.  Andrew, our daughter Katie and one of her friends were heading out to Canada's Wonderland (our version of Darien Lake) when they had an accident.  First thing is, they were all okay BUT the 2005 Honda Civic didn't make it.  I think Andrew has picked his new vehicle..........an Army Tank.  So after the kookin', kleenin', takin' care of the kids, mowin' the grass,  trimmin' the hedge, rotatin' the tires on the truck, feedin' the hog,  edgin' the driveway and checking out Ford Rangers, it was a great day.  By the way Don still owes me a serenade of "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" on the old 5-string. 
Thanks again for all the wishes it made my day even better.
Mike Garlock
Hi Ann,

    I might be the only one that knows that Darien Lake is a big Amusement Park between Rochester and Buffalo.  I'm glad 86 took care of you.  Mike G.
Gary Kennedy
It appears that I'm way late and a holler short, but it's the thought that counts (in lieu of gifts).  Unfortunately, I live in a completely different time zone and it takes several days for the news to reach us, but enough with the excuses, eh?

Happy Birthday
Happy Belated Birthday, Ann!!

Sorry for the late-ness. Im a little slow on the west also. We luv ya gal!

Tom Alman
Happy belated birtheay Ann. Sorry but i'm the one who is always a day late and a dollar short LOL!!!

Ann A

 Thanks guys (gals too) for the birthday wishes.


 I was going to wish everyone a happy and safe Labour Day but realized I would be speaking Canadian eh............so instead I will wish y'all a happy and safe Labor Day.


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