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Don & Ann A.


have a wonderful birthday!


See you soon!

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!
Jim & Mary Goodman

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Kim From MO
Happy birthday Courtney!  Hope you have many, many more healthy, happy and successful birthdays!

Kim from MO
Connie Leigh
Happy Birthday Courtney!!!  Graham and I hope it is a great one !!!!
Thanks so much!!!

Things have been really stressful at my parents' house lately so I decided that I was going to get away from all of the stress and take a mini vacation. So far, it has been one of the best decisions ever. I left a day early and took my time getting up to Alabama. I managed to stop in Meridian, MS and pay my respects to the great Jimmie Rodgers. I've always wanted to do that, and I'm so glad I finally did.

Today was an absolutely amazing day! I got to spend my birthday with many great bluegrass friends and listen to awesome music. What more could you ask for?
Zero Stress whatsoever. It was like all the worries I've had lately just melted away.

I'm so exhausted but so very blessed. I will never forget this day, and the many great friends in my life.

Thanks again and Nite!



Karen in Ca & Mo
I just signed on an saw it was your special day.
And you got to spend it with Rhonda and the Rage. How cool was that.
You had a rock'in birthday. Hopefully it will one that you will always remember.
Now you need to throw that stress behind you and come home with a new positive attitude.
Have a great birthday week Courtney.
P.S. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom ! K
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY COURTNEY!! Sounds like you had a good one.
Sorry this is so late, but I'm very shy and still trying to crawl out of my shell.

Happy Birthday
John S

Happy belated B-day!



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