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Mary C.

Happy Birthday Darrell!!! Hope you had a great day!

Happy Birthday, Darrell!

Happy Birthday Darrell!

Frank Ohannesian
Happy Birthday Darrel !!! Was lucky enough to catch Rhonda and the Rage
at Charlotte  and Congrats on a great CD we listened to it all the way home that night. Thanks to all of you again!!!!

Happy belated Birthday, Darrell!!!!
Jim Hughes

Happy belated Birthday buddy!      I hope you had a GREAT day.    Soory about the late post but, we have been bouncing all around the Kansas City area the last few days and that really limited my computer time.   See you all in a few at Sally Mountain.


Ed & Vicki
Happy Birthday Darrell and congratulations on the CD.  Hope to see you in a few days here in rainy Missouri. 

Ed & Vicki
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