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The Ol' Dawg

Happy Birthday, Herb !!!

Thank you all for all the Birthday wishes!!!!

It was a great day. Rhonda went to Columbia with her Mom. Of course the only dim light was that she went shopping all day. My Mom cooked me a great dinner, which included crappie, fried taters, pork n beans, and my all time favorite....carrot cake!!! YUM YUM!!!

Rhonda did get home in time to partake in the fish. (what a shock!!)

Got a couple of nice shirts from my honey.

All in all pretty good for an old 54 yr old man!!!
How bout the best birthday card I've ever given you??? 

Yeah, let's hear about the card, IF you can remember where you put it!
Charlie K

Happy Belated Birthday, Herb. I'm glad to hear that you had great day. I've been 54 for a few months now and it's pretty good! You'll enjoy it. Are you coming out for Stagecoach? If you do, we could go hit a few balls and you could give me some pointers! See you at Sally Mountain for sure.

Joe & Lynn

Happy Birthday

don nz
Happy Birthday Herb, from Donna ,Don & Nairin in NZ.
It was a rare pleasure, meeting you, hope you have a great day and get the time to enjoy it.
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