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Carol Cox
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!! Hope you have had a good day!! How I envy you in your warm weather!! I am so tired of snow and cold!! Would love to be sitting out in the hot sunshine in Summersville in front of the stage listening to RVR.
Hope to get to see you there in the summer!! Carol
Happy Birthday!!

Thank you very much for all of the nice birthday greetings.  I enjoyed all of your comments.  I had a wonderful birthday which featured an extensive beach hike, a double shot of wheatgrass juice, a bacon sandwich (calm down, it was soy bacon), and then about 30 people who I work with went to watch our friend play hockey for SDSU.  Thanks again!

Jim Hughes

So sorry that I missed you birthday here on the message board.   I admit I have been a less frequent flyer here lately but, it does not mean I care any less.    Hoping you will accept this late birthday greeting.

Happy Belated Birthday buddy...   Not looking too shabby for 50!  Take care always.


Happy Birthday your just great I say, just great.

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