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Sandy & Mitchell

Happy Birthday Hot Rod! Hope ya have a great day!

sherry f


The Ol' Dawg

Happy Birthday, Turbo Herb-o !!!




Just like the Ol' Dawg and Harry -

A little over "7" in "Dawg Years" !!!   

Happy Birthday Herb!!
Robert Hall


Today it is the first day of December...
His dear wife RHNDA was sure to remember!
That today, he reaches the 52 year old mark..
I hope his special day, is warm and sunny, not dark!..

Just how lucky can "Dear Herbie" Be?
To have a wife like Rhonda,to love
In my estimation--he sure must surely see
He's as lucky as one man can EVER BE!

HAPPY BIRTDAY HERB!--and drink one for ME!....

Mary C. and Jim

Happy Birthday, Herby!!!

Happy Birthday Herb


Happy Birthday Herb.... hope it's the best!!

scott and karen
have a good birthday herb...hope the queen serves the king..
happy birthday
scott and karen

The Hughes family

Happy Birthday Herb !!

May this be the best one yet!!

Jim, Jane, Chris and Ben

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I knida stopped counting birthdays when I got too old to count how old I was on my fingers and toes. I figure every day is a good day when I wake up on the right side of the grass. I've tricked "lady luck" for 52 years. It's all good from here!!!!

Jane H
Herb, All due respect as I LOL, I just saw the pic of you on the other post re:your birthday eve.....I have to say, you've come a long way baby!! I would never have guessed that it was you, or is it??? What year was that? It isn't a bad pic, just shocking how we change(mature) w/the years. I know I have a few of my 80's 'glamour shots' hidden,!! Age is definitely on your side,
Have a great day 
Ragin Rebel SC
Happy Birthday Herb!!!!!
 Hope you have a wonderful Birthday, and I hope Rhonda bought you some new toys!
aka. New clubs, A gigantic big screen TV, so you can watch all of the football games.
Have a great day!!!!!

Jane, I would say that was in 1979. That was the days of "Whiskey Lee" the DJ....dance lessons on Tuesdays, and everybody wanted to be a cowboy. It's also right around the time I met Rhonda...hence the picture. It was also about 25 lbs ago, and before everything shifted south.


HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  HERBY!!!   Wishing you God's Blessings on your special day.  From the METCALF FAMILY in Morganton , N.C. If I was close I would bake you a cake. (My specialty)   Rhonda is such a genius I know she has something very special  for your celebration!  HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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