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Agent 86 & 99

52 eh  ................. I bet it was a fun day ............. gettin' breakfast in bed, lunch served in front of the big ole sports TV, & dinner .............. well my guess is the good wife will be preparin' you a great big meal while you just keep operatin' that remote.  

Don't forget .......... like the women always say, this is Birthday Week ........... so you got another 6 days of this royal treatment to go.  

Have a great BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!




Blake and Kimberly Willia
Dear Herby,
They say age comes with wisdom but you're living proof that sometimes age comes all by itself. 

Happy Birthday!!
Blake and Kimberly

Happy Birthday Herb.  I know you probably won't get to go fishin' or golfin' but if a day with the queen isn't enough there is always Monday Night Football.   P.S.  That gal sure looked good in that black and gold.  Can we borrow her to cheer for the App State Mountaineers? 

Charlie K

Welcome to the 52-year-old-club. Those of us in the club are honored to have such fine company as you joining us. That is until September when I won't care about that club anymore! Happy Birthday Herb, I hope it's your best year ever.


  Happy Birthday Herb!


Happy Birthday

to a fine guy and a fellow Sagittarian...

My birthday is tomorrow (12/02/49). I'm honored to be in such esteemed company.

Dean the Boston Boy
Happy Birthday Dear Herby!!

Nashville Redhead
Happy B-day to the Infamous Bandito!


Gary L Kennedy
Happy Birthday to the popular author, advice columnist, First Gentleman of Rageland, college football Swami, Prezidential consultant, Bluegrass Cruise Specialist, Baggage Carrying Scientist, War Between the Sexes expert, legend in his own mind, and all around great guy!
Happy Birthday

legend in his own mind

Carol Cox
Dear Herby,
     Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!   
Carol & John
Richard & Carol
Happy Birthday Herb, hope you had a great day, if you keep it up you are going to catch up to me.  I have quit celebrating..... Best Wishes

Richard & Caro
Happy Birthday Herb!!! We wish you many more!!!!
(michael, tracie and ryan)

Happy Birthday, Herb!

Kim from MO
I'm always a day late and a dollar (or more) short, but wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday.  Hope you had a wonderful day!

Kim from JCMO
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