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Carol Cox

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN!! It was about this time three years ago that we first met on this very message board. I am very thankful for the friendship that we have shared since than. You, Steph and Peg have become so very special to me! I hope you enjoy your day and that the Lord will continue to bless you in the coming year. John and I both send our love!  Carol 

Jim Hughes
Hey John...    Happy Birthday too you!

Happy Birthday!



Happy Birthday John!!!!!
Pamela (Irish Fan)
Happy Birthday!
Have a good one
John Spence
Getting older was the worst thing in the world to me when I was younger, and still I do not like some of the 'added benefits' that come with the territory. The graying and thinning hair, the need for these blasted bifocal things sitting on my face which have just about thrown me in the floor a time or two , and the extra pant size are not what I intended for myself at all. I wanted to stay young, skinny, cute and 21 forever ... but I am not the same person I was back then.
When I was younger I didn't have the most precious woman in the world standing beside, holding my hand me each step I take on the path in front of me. I did not have a career that helps change the lives of others daily ... and changes me as well. I did not have Jesus in my heart, and I was not happy in any shape or form. I did not have great friends I could depend on or who would mention my name in to God prayer ... or sit beside at an off the hook bluegrass show ... as long as they can stand the whoopin' and hollerin'  (how many times have I lost my voice at a Rhonda show   ... my family and friends  thank you, Rhonda for that )
Today I am a year older but I am more blessed than what I have ever been in my life ... the gifts God has bestowed are without number, and I have come to the conclusion that getting older ain't all that bad
Thanks for the B-day wishes!! Since I am not a big 'sweets' person, these wishes aren't the icing on the cake ... they are the candles

Tom Alman
Happy birthday John!!!

Happy Birthday John!!

Happy Birthday, my friend!!

Happy Birthday, my friend!! I think you are one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Steph is lucky to have you. Have a glorious day.
Happy Birthday John!!
Mary C.

Happy Birthday, John!

Blessings and Happy Birthday, John!
May you be blessed beyond measure!!!

The Ol' Dawg

Happy Birthday, John !!!

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