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Happy Birthday Julia!!
(To the tune of "High Hopes')

Just what makes that Prez really neat?
She always keeps her finger over delete.
Everyone knows she's sweet and that's why she can't be beat.

Cuz she's the Pre-e-e-z.
She's the Pre-e-e-e-z,
She's the high ranking girl, in the Ragin world, Prez.
And anytime you're feeling blue, just remember who, is the Queen's right hand.
Julia you're the birthday girl, Julia you're the birthday girl, Julia you're a wonderful, amazing friend!

Okay, so it's not Gershwin but it's sent from the heart!
Happy Birthday, JULIA!


 Happy Birthday Julia !!!

Steve C.

Happy Birthday Julia, Hope you're having a ragin' good day!

Jenny F

Happy Birthday Julia!!

Louis Gentile
  Happy Birthday Julia prez and may the good lord bless
you on your birthday and many more to come love
         Louis from Maryland
Whitey Linda
Happy Birthday to a very nice lady.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! The Ragers are AWESOME!!!

Richard gave me his cold for my birthday so I've been sick all day, but have been cheered up by all of my friends!!!
LOVE the song Shay!!!!
Kim from MO

Happy Birthday Prez!  Hope you feel better soon!


Happy Birthday, Julia!

Charlie K

Happy Birthday, Julia. It must feel great to be the only president around with a 100% approval rating. Thanks for all you do as our fearless leader.

Happy Birthday Prez....I'll be nice today, if you promise to not root, or watch the Alamo Bowl game tonight. (better yet, don't even think about it) Stay warm and take care of that cold so you can get back on your feet tommorrrow.

Then we can throw down the gloves again.

All the very best for your birthday Julia.

Doug and Pat
HAPPY BIRTHDAY   to our favorite and friendly  "kitchen helper".... Boy I sure hope Herb doesn't find more work for you... fix him and pass the cold along his way
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