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Gary Kennedy
Happy Birthday, Mike Garlock!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry that this is so late in the day, Mike, but I'm in charge of nonsense around here, not birthdays.  I was out for an evening stroll when I suddenly remembered that your birthday was the day after Susan's and Carol's.  At least that's how it was when we were in Mayville, NY two years ago, so it probably hasn't changed.

I hope you're having a great day! 


Mike B
Happy Birthday, Mike G!!!

Mike B

Happy birthday Mike G.


The Ol' Dawg

Happy Birthday, Mike !!!

Mary C. and Jim

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Jim Hughes

Mike! Happy Birthday buddy. Hope you have had a wonderful day. We look forward to seeing you and Brenda again real soon.

Debbie & Brie
Happy Birthday Mike!!
Tom Alman
Happy belated Birthday to you Mike!!!

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Everyone,

    Thanks for the Birthday Wishes.  I've always had good Birthday's and yesterday was also fun.  All our Girls play in a Thursday Night Golf League.  Brenda said if I wanted to invite my friends our for a Party she would have Pizza and Wings delivered.  Her Boss was invited and he took over, so at 6:30 last night 3 Sheet Pizza's and 10 Dozen Wings showed up.  About 40 Guy's really enjoyed themselves.  After Golf the Girls all came over and joined us.  Right in the middle of the Party Gary Kennedy called from California and that was quit a surprise, then my buddy Dave called from Iowa.  I've talked him into joining us at Sally Mountain in two weeks.  Thanks again.

Mike G.

Happy Belated, Mike

Happy Belated Birthday, Mike!!!
Rockin' Robin
Glad you had a great birthday Mike.  See you soon in MO!!
Uncle Pen & Friend

Happy Birthday Mike !!!! Your party sounded like a blast.    See you in Ohio!!!

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