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Gary Kennedy
What?  What did I do?  I know that great minds think alike, but how did I get lumped in with Herby?  Sorry I'm so late for this party, but it's still December 19, even in Nashville.  Shay, I'm very happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday and got such nice presents.  You deserve the very best.  Further comments about any of those presents have been pre-deleted for your time zone!


Oh, and just one more thing, Shay....................................

Gary, you're in good company when you're "lumped in" with Herby. That means she thinks highly of you. Shay knows, that we know, a good "bed warmer" is an electric blanket. Not many guys would think of this. She knows we're smart guys, and would have come up with this answer immediately.
Chill out big guy...it's a compliment for you. That's why you ARE UM West.
Ain't that right Shay.

Gary you need to hang with me more often. I'm a "hunkadoodle" according to the Wells Family web site. I could extend those perks to you if you just play it cool.
You Know Who

Hey Hunky...isn't is past your bed time??  

Mike Garlock
Happy Belated Birthday Shay,

    I don't know why I didn't see this yesterday, I think I must have been focused on the Webcast.  Mike G.
Yes, Herby a "bed warmer" is sorta like an electric blanket but it fits on the mattress below you, but knowing where your mind usually goes (DEAR HERBY) and GLK's ornerey nature, I'm thinking you had to consult the QUEEN for a female-to-male translation on "bed warmer!"

And GLK---I'm getting STRONG persuasive arguments from the TN LOCKS OF LOVE CHAPTER to donate! I don't think my answer of "GLK doesn't want me to cut it," is holding them off! LOL

Thanks again everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! Have a terrific weekend and stay warm!

The Nashville Redhead

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