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On this day 46 yrs ago and a few hours, the first born to Johnnie and Carolyn Vincent was welcomed into the world. Who would know what this little girl had in store for her. Who new she would grow up to be the "Queen of Bluegrass" Who new she would be loved by so many. Who knew of the many lives she would touch. Yes, July 13, 1962 was a very special day.

Happy Birthday Honey!!!!!
Oh, BTW....I got her a nice wallet size photo of me, and one of those cheap  "swirly rings" from Goldsmith Galleries in Sitka, Alaska.

Just a little something to remember me by while she's in Hawaii.
Charles Flanary
A very Happy birthday Queen Rhonda,the best bluegrass singer and picker in the whole world.I love you Rhonda.
Happy Birthday to a wonderful person!!

We love you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST Friend and BEST Boss in the world!!!!! ENJOY Hawaii!!!!!
Chuck Wright

Happy birthday Rhonda! May God Bless you on your trip to Hawaii!  Aloha!!

Don & Ann

Happy Birthday, Rhonda.  Have a wonderful time in Hawaii.  Try to keep your Mom from those clothing optional beaches. 


The Ragin Canadians

Mike Garlock
Happy Birthday Rhonda,

    Have a safe trip Home and a safe trip to Hawaii.  Hope your Vacation is memorable and cause's Herby to add a new Chapter in his next Book! Don 't mention it Doc...Mike G.
Kelli Edwards
Happy Birthday

Kelli Age:12


Happy birthday, Rhonda. Hope you have a great time in Hawaii. Spent some time there in the Marine Corps.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHONDA!! Hope you have an awesome time in Hawaii
Kim From MO
Happy Birthday Rhonda!

Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!  Aloha!!
Connie Leigh
Happy Birthday Rhonda
May this one be the best yet, and may there be many more wonderful birthdays ahead!
Connie Leigh
sherry macon mo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wish you many more

enjoy your vacation and travel safely
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