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Sweet Brenda & Him
Happy Birthday to a great FRIEND!
Have a great trip,  Don't do anything I want do.
Jane H
Happiest Birthday to you!!
I understand that Hawaii is 1 of 2 places to buy another real swirly ring???? Just like shoes, girls can never have enough jewelry !!
Hope it is only the best birthday for you,and greatest vacation ever w/ Ms Carolyn and Tensel.

Happy Birthday Rhonda!!!

Hope the next 46 years will bring you as much joy and happiness as you have given to all of us Bluegrass Lovers. You are truly a very special person. Have a wonderful vacation, and thank you for just being you. Looking forward to seeing you in Gettysburg in August. God Bless.
Clark & Gail

Robert Hall
So,today's THE big day??!.. I guess I was a month early!!..


Hope you have a great day,and your trip to Hawaii is a safe and pleasurable one!..(I went to Honolulu in '84,and wish I'd stayed there!)..


Rhonda turns 46 today...but..
She still looks like she's twenty!
Blessed with beauty and talent galore,
The voice of an Angel,and fans a plenty!..

We all love her dearly,with all of our hearts..
No matter how high she scores on the charts!..
She helps us bear with life's troubles and trials
And gives us hope,and truckloads of smiles !!

Rhonda certainly is "Just One of a Kind"..
When it comes to Bluegrass,she IS the QUEEN!
I might be crazy,half out of my mind..
But I think she's the best I've EVER seen!..

Now I'll wish our "Bluegrass Girl" a sweet "adoo"
I hope her vacation is a safe and happy one too!
Please be careful,We'll keep you in our prayers
And pray "I Will See You Again" real soon!


Forty six kisses for our Birthday girl!...


Charlie K

Happy Birthday Rhonda!

Have a terrific time in Hawaii and your best birthday ever. Thanks for all you do for us, we love and appreciate you tremendously.

Carol Cox
      John and I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! As many others have said, you are a very special person! We have loved you since we first saw you with The Sally Mountain Show all those years ago. We watched you grow up, get married, have your children, embark on your own career, become the QUEEN OF BLUEGRASS and always stayed the same sweet, friendly, loving  and caring person you always were.
     I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your trip!! We Love You!
Carol & John
Uncle Pen & Friend
We hope you have a wonderful Birthday and a great vacation with Carolyn & Tensel in Hawaii.    Thanks for everything you do for Bluegrass and its fans.  

Michael & Amy
Happy Birthday Rhonda!!
Enjoy your trip.
Happy Birthday Rhonda!!!! Hope all the ladies have a wonderful time on vacation.... and the best gift???..... well, I'm sure Herby might know.... HE"S at home!!!!!!!

My brother and I have seen you a few times and this is my first post on the message board.  What a great time to start posting.  Rhonda, I hope you have a great birthday and a nice time in Hawaii.  Be safe.  We will be seeing you in Sellersville in November.  Take care.

A very Happy Birthday to you Sweet Rhnda.
I hope you have the best birthday ever and a wonderful vacation in Hawaii.
Have a lot of fun and be safe.
Love you ''Queen of Bluegrass''.
Happy Birthday, Rhonda. Get some rest and relaxation.  You deserve it.

Rhonda:  Happy birthday and many more.  You're looking good, and hope you continue to feel well.  I'm the gal from Pennsylvania who got your necklace as a gift for my anniversary.  Hope to see you again this Fall in Sellersville.  Lorraine

Jim Hughes
Happy Birthday Rhonda!         Hope you have an awesome day...  


Louis Gentile
Happy Birthday To a wonderful lady Rhonda you have touch my life with your
music you bring happiest to those you have touch and put a smile on everyone's face that you have play for again Happy Birthday to a very
Special Lady                                      Love'
                                                       Louis' member of your fan club
                                                       From Salisbury,Md
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