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Billy Jowers

I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Bill Hinson

Happy Birthday to a GREAT lady and The Greatest Singer anywhere. Great show yesterday. Enjoy your vacation.


Happy Birthday Rhonda!!! We had a little party here at our house today for all our July birthdays.  I made sure everyone knew it was your birthday too.  I'm not sure when we will get to see you again but we are planning on seeing "Next Best Thing"  at Old Butler Days in August. I hope you have a great trip to Hawaii and get to relax for a few days.   


               HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rhonda !
Thanks again for an unforgetable time in Nashville 


Have Fun in Hawaii!!
Gary Kennedy
Karen in CA & MO
  Happy Happy Birthday Rhonda!!!
The whole Davis family wishes you a wonderful Birthday and upcoming Birth year!! Looking forward to seeing you in Missouri and maybe a California venue or two.
You are our Queen and we wish you a happy and healthy upcoming year. Hugs, Karen, Samantha, Chris, Jerry, Anne, Uncle Gene and Aunt Jeannie and cousin Gary.
Tom Alman
Happy B-day to you Rhonda! Your the BEST!!!

Whitey and Linda
Hi Rhonda and Carolyn,
 Have a great time in Hawaii, I am still here in Ind. trying to figure out a way to get on that darn boat in Jan.
 Love ya Whitey and Linda
 Crawfordsville Ind
Hi Herb,
 Whitey from Ind., I didn't have any trouble seeing Lorrie, at Little Nashville, Ind. Was able to visit with her for sometime, she also came out this time and visited with the crowd, she is still pretty, but, nothing compared to what you got at home,(or will have at home), lol.
  Go see her buddy, and enjoy the view.
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