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The deadline to make your reservations for the Rhonda Vincent Fan Club Party is quickly coming up.  Be sure to email

rvfanclub@cableone.net    by June 25th for guaranteed seating.
Rhonda Vincent Fan Club Party - June 30, 2010 -  Kirksville, MO

You must be a current member of the Rhonda Vincent Fan Club or a guest of a current member (party is free for members, $15 per guest).

Your reservation must be received by Friday, June 25, 2010.

Please do not post your reservation on the board. We might miss it.
Be sure to email your reservation, and get ready for our first annual Bluegrass Game Challenge at 10:30am and lots of fun surprises, along with our traditional Fan Club Prize Game.
I'll be there with some really fun surprises!!!     

Great!  I got your reservation......if you're bringing your husband as a guest, he owes me $15!  
Carol Cox
Good One, Julia!!! Had my laugh for the day!! Sure wish I could be there.
Maybe someday........Have fun everyone.....Carol
Dear Herby

That's cheap compared to the going rate for fan club presidents.


Uncle Pen's Friend

I think I'm in.   Julia did I renew my fan club membership....I think I did but don't remember.  

Hi Amy,

I did get your renewal.  We just restocked everything we need for the fan club kits, so I'm working on catching up on all renewals and new fan club orders.


Uncle Pen's Friend

Thanks Julia, I think I have too much going on and can't keep track of what I did and what I need to do...


Oh No It Is With Very Deep Regrets We Are Not Able To Make It to The Fan Club Party... Hope To See All Soon.

Oh no!!  I'm so sorry to hear that Lillian, I was looking forward to seeing you guys again!
The FAN CLUB PARTY 2010 is nearly sold out!

Be sure to register right away if you're planning to attend.

Marcia Atherton
Sure hope you got my message to reserve 2 spots.  How many people will be there? This is my first and I can't wait!
Marcia, is your guest a fan club member as well?
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