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Ok so there are two reasons I loved SuperBowl Sunday this year.

1.) The food at the party DUH!
2.) The fact that there is a 1 hour special episode of The Office on now.  YAY!

I was hoping that Arizona would win because Kurt Warner had a ridiculously good game with 344 or something like that in yards.  That's just plan crazy!

I hear ya Courtney... I was more excited about the office than the superbowl.. by far.

Black and Gold!!!!!

Gary Kennedy

Congratulations to Santonio Holmes , Dick LeBeau , and Julia!

It was all very exciting, although I was hoping for overtime so that I could put off cleaning up the kitchen.  I eventually got it done, though. 

If the Steelers win two more championships, they'll have as many as the CLEVELAND BROWNS.

Sami, I have no idea what The Office is, but I thought I raised you better than that.

Courtney, Warner finished with 377 yards, but the pass he threw on the last play of the first half is the one that he'll always remember.  I thought that the turning point of the game was when the Cardinals decided to have five players on their roster from the university of michigan and none from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  I guess they were looking for the Next Best Thing.   They should have checked Gettysburg, Graves Mountain, or Sally Mountain.

Speaking of which, was there a bluegrass show on the RHONDA VINCENT Bluegrass Cruise tonight?  Is Mary Clifford still in charge of Rageland High Seas Secirity?  How many people has she wrestled to the ground so far?  Details, we want details!

Has anyone seen Dear Herby???? He seems to have disappeared after the STEELERS became the first team to win SIX SUPER BOWLS!!

My next prediction....Pittsburgh returns to being the CITY OF CHAMPIONS when the Pirates celebrate their 30th anniversary of the 1979 World championship by winning in 2009!!
Ahh Gary you are correct.  You mean the incomplete pass that Warner threw that was called a fumble?  I thought that was a horrible call to be honest.  His arm made a forward passing motion and he got rid of the ball. It seemed like they just gave up and accepted defeat.  That's a shame.

Oh well.  I can honestly say that I'm glad football is over for now.  It's all my dad watched, and now that it's warming up, I'm ready to go fishing!

100 yard run was great! the last min. TD was better!!!


After enduring 4 hours of "lip" from everyone of my guests (not so much Cardinal fans, just anti-Steeler fans here in WA), I was one happy Steeler fan. Both sides had fouls that could have given the game away.... but, one heck of a game!!!!!!!!!! 


I have been a Steelers Fan ever since the Terry Bradshaw days! WooHoo!  However, I think Kurt Warner is such a good person I did feel kinda sorry for him because I respect him off the field so much!

Courtney, I was actually talking about the interception that was returned for a touchdown.  I thought that the fumble call was correct, although I was surprised that they didn't take longer to review it.  You can't challenge a call in the last two minutes, so the Cardinals had no choice but to accept defeat at that point.

Julia, you have now officially reached the delusional stage.  You're completely out to sea with that Pirates prediction.  The Steelers are champions, but the Pirates are still the Pirates.  Oh, by the way, I'm still waiting to be thanked for THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY sending you Santonio Holmes and Dick LeBeau.  The only thing that we ever got from Pittsburgh is John Kasich.  Somehow, I think we got the bad end of that trade.

Now, about this "first team to win six Super Bowls nonsense", which is my current pet peeve.  The NFL came up with a brilliant marketing strategy when they started referring to their championship game as the Super Bowl.  Having a cool name enabled them to drastically improve TV ratings and basically turn it into a national holiday.  Millions of people watch the Super Bowl just because it seems like the thing to do, even though they would much rather be watching The Office.  However, it's still just the NFL championship game with a fancy name.

The Steelers have won six NFL championships, which places them fourth on the all-time list:

Green Bay Packers-12
Chicago Bears-9
New York Giants-7
Pittsburgh Steelers-6

Now that we've settled that, I need to get back to my life's work, which is convincing everyone that Grover Cleveland was only one President of these UNITED STATES , not two.  I know that he was elected twice, but a lot of people have done that.  FDR won back-to-back-to-back-to-back and we only count him once! 

And no post would be complete without mentioning the incomparable




  The only thing that we ever got from Pittsburgh is John Kasich.  Somehow, I think we got the bad end of that trade

...and Terrell Pryor...you're welcome!!

btw...many of those NFL championships were won when the league was made up of the Pottsville Maroons and the Chicago Cardinals,etc.
Six Super Bowls means "Six Super Bowls". period. Only one team can make that enviable claim.
...btwpart2...I told you if Santonio took his herbal supplements that he would put on a great show,although the MVP was the guy throwing the ball(in my opinion)
Hey,,,take care.........Greg
Jim Hughes
Oh Julia........

You are so funny!   I am sitting here watching the snow fall with a cup of coffee and fresh baked Martha White Strawberry muffins thinking you are too funny!   

You know you are one of our favorite people but....  I think the ocean air is getting to you a little!?    Pittsburgh the City of Champions????????????????  You know that title is about to be handed to the Great City of BOSTON!!!!!!
Red Sox with 2 World Series, Patriots with 3 Super Bowls, Celtics with the NBA Championship last year and most likely again this year AND, the Bruins on a direct path to the NHL Championship this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Maybe cuz' Boston is right on the fringe of this great country folks seem to forget to glance far enough over to the east to realize?  

Have a great day Miss Julia!   Say hello to everyone for us here in snowy New England...

I was wondering when we would finally get around to discussing the Pottsville Maroons!  In a scandal that would make any BCS apologist proud, they were totally ripped off in 1925.


"The Pottsville Maroons were the most ferocious and most respected players I have ever faced. "You know, I always believed the Maroons won the NFL championship in 1925 ... but were robbed of the honor."
——Red Grange, Pro Football Hall of Famer
Greg, let's not forget that the Steelers just won the NFL championship in a league that includes the Browns, Bengals, Rams, Chiefs, and last but certainly least.....the Detroit Lions! (sorry Tom)  The Pottsville Maroons could probably still beat all of those teams on the same day.

Oh, and thanks for Terrell!  Let's call it even.

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