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Tom Alman
Don't apologize Gary. The Lions suck!  We'll get them next year LOL!!!

gARY k
Tom, I was just trying to be nice because I need the Spartans to beat some of those other Big Ten teams.  They seem to lose whenever I want them to win, though.  Maybe the real Black Cat is me.

I don't see how anyone can deny that San Diego is the City of Champions.  Just look at the evidence:

The Chargers won the AFL championship in 1963.

The Padres won a World Series game in 1984.

The San Diego Rockets moved to Houston and the San Diego Clippers moved to Los Angeles.

The San Diego State basketball team won an NIT game in 2003.

The San Diego State football team.......well it looks like we're all out of time for this edition of City of Champions.  Tune in again tomorrow when we'll be discussing college football signing day with our special guest, the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT.
Tom Alman
Hey! You beat Purdue last night. That will help!!!

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