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The Rage and I will be sitting in Big Mac land at the Cardinal game today. I plan to catch a Pul Homer!

Watch 4 us on TV!

Guess what my seat number is!
If you would've waited two weeks to go to the game, you could've seen the Pirates
Dodgers score one run in the top of the first.

First two Redbirds are retired in the bottom of the first.

Pujols steps into the batter's box.

Let's look alive in Seat 13!
Jack Buck Impostor
Pujols walks in his first plate appearance.

Stay tuned to find out if the Queen throws some leather at them. 

I certainly hope that Upper Management isn't going to let her play barehanded.
Major League Scoreboard
.....brought to you by Seaweed Unlimited

Marlins-2 6th

padres-1     8th
Mets-3                    Let's Go Mets!  Let's Go Mets! 

padres desperately need to continue their losing ways as they battle Washington and Seattle for the worst record in the Major Leagues.

Cardinals fail to score in the bottom of the first.
It was a perfect day for a ballgame.  Nice breeze, sun on occasion.

Darrell ate 4 hotdogs, a hamburger, and 3 cokes, and Lord ONLY knows what else.

I drank 1 coke and 1 water.  The coke was $5, and I don't even like coke.
I ask for Mt Dew, but there was none to be found.

We had a great time, even tho our Bluegrass Cardinals lost today.

We're on the way to Milan, Michigan.....


FYI....PNC Park in Pittsburgh has Pepsi products
Final Scores:

CA Dodgeball Team-4
Bluegrass Cardinals-1


Things got really scary when the padres tied it up, but they found a way to blow it in the 9th as they usually do.  When you're trying to have the worst record in baseball, these are the kinds of games that you just can't afford to win.  Current standings:

                      W     L     GA
Nationals         43   71     --
padres                44   71      .5
Mariners          44   70    1.0

Don't count out the Pirates....I believe that we can make a strong run to take that title away from the Padres!

There's no quit in that Prez!  This race could all come down to Dollywood weekend, when the Pirates are in San Diego.  If anybody can lose to the Pirates, it's our hometown zeroes!

The Ol' Dawg

In honor of the "Prez-idential One", maybe for that series with the Pirates, San Diego could temporarily change their names to the iPod-res !!!  

Good ione idawg!!! 

I noticed on our way by the Rams stadium, that San Diego will be in STL on August 16th. 

PLEASE tell me that football doesn't start that early????  
First preseason game is on ESPN in just a matter of minutes!!!!!! WWWWWOOOHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Ol' Dawg

No Rhonda !!!   i the Dawg !!!  


Say it isn't sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!     
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