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Hope you can tune in on WSM 650 AM or http://www.wsmonline.com

It's gonna be a great night!   

We're on at 7pm & 9:30pm.

Then at 12 Midnight - hosting the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree!!!


We've got a jam going on in the living room. 
Waiting to take a break at 9:30/10:30(EH time) to listen to RV & R
on the Grand Ole Opry   .  


Robert Hall
Now ,is that EST ,or CST ??..I always seem to miss it by an hour ,or tune in too early every time!..not having much luck with WSM online with my computer tonight,usually it cuts in and out on me,cant even get it to do that now..
  Guess I'll have to try my trusty 1936 Zenith ,see if it'll pull in anything but static tonight..

Robert (medium wave ) Hall
I think 10:30 EST, but I could be wrong .......
not that, that ever happens......
just ask 86 ...
I am sure he will tell you!

Robert Hall
Probably wont matter when it comes on---I cant get any reception tonight on the radio,probably because RAIN is moving in AGAIN..and the computer only seems to work on WSM online when Rhonda isn't on!.. -(just like Thursday night when Rhonda was on with Eddie Stubbs,I missed that too..So much for my "Bluegrass Saturday Night"..

linda from il

Rhonda that was a good show, you sounded great!


WoW...that was a great first show.  I knew I shoulda went.

Thanks for listening!!   I'm on my way back to the stage!!

Robert...get your radio ready!!!

Mary C.

Listening in PA


  Yea!!!   Good song!!!


Sounding good from the Meade household.

Ann A
Great Show.......sounded wonderful!
Imagine Don being dead silent ............. only while you were on!
Mary C.

The new songs sounded great!!!


AWESOME sounds so good beautifal music the rage sounded great also I belive the ablum will go far  hopefully there will be many more like them in the future ( tell whity and linda hi from indiana ) GOD BLESS YOU AND THE RAGE!

Robert Hall
No luck here,I heard not a note, nor a word..

I did hear a commercial for the Nashville Palace (with Irlene Mandrell doing it!)--but that was it..silence..

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