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Can someone please help me with where I can find a place that makes copies of photos of entertainers.  I am tring to find a place that will make them in bulk.  Rhonda you may know of some place around the KC area.  Also just a FYI  Rachael and her dad will be in Tonganoxie this Saturday and will be in Richmond and Pleasant Hill  in May.  She also just finished a cd and will have it this Saturday.  Her dad sold 85 last time they were there so we are very excited about this weekend.


I'd probably check with Kinko's or somewhere like that first, or maybe even Walgreen's, but if they suspect there's a copyright on the photo they won't touch it without permission from the photographer.


What I am trying to do is get copies of Rachael's picture made to sell. We are taking the pictures ourselves.


I'll just bet that Julia can help you on this one, 'cause I know they have to print a lot of pictures of Rhonda.

Hi Leannette,

We get Rhonda's photos done in Nashville. Rhonda may know of a place in MO to get them done. Email me when you get a chance.

email them to walgreens or Clark photo labs, or almost any other  place.

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