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Don & Ann A.

Thanks for the update Julia.

Rob Anderson
Rhonda, Herb and Family....
I just got home from work....saying prayers for all of you tonight.
Thanks for the info. on Herb Sr., now he can get on with recovery, and our prayers are with you all the way Herb, I hope all troubles are behind you now, take care, and may the Lord keep blessing you.
           Linda from In.
Robert Hall
I'll be continuing to pray for Herb Sr, for a speedy and complete recovery..and to all his family as well..wishing him all the best..

Thanks so much for the update Julia! I'm glad to hear that things went well so far. We'll be praying for a quick recovery and no more pain.
Jim G

Julia thanks for the update on Herb Sr. Hope and pray that he is O.K. Hope to see him at Sally Mtn.

Thank God!!!! What a relief this must be.

I wish the Sandkers and Vincents all my hopes for continued good news about Herb Sr.

Thought I would give you an update on Dad while I have a few minutes.

He came through surgery OK. The surgeon had to remove about 18" of his large intestine and put in a colostomy bag. Although he could re-connect at a later date, I think the surgeon feels at his age, he should keep things the way they are. They've kept him in ICU for over 24 hrs now, and I don't think he will be moved to a room till morning. Dr. Peters expects him to be in the hospital for another week minimum due to his weakened condition, and risk of infection.
He is in pretty good spirits, and will be happy to get all the wires and tubes off.
I did tell him of all his well wishes here on the MB, and he is very grateful, and thanks all of you. He'll see you at SM if everything goes well.

Brother Steve and I are batching it again as RV is gone for the next 3 weeks. Any volunteers for housekeeping and cooking are being screened and accepted.
Don A.

Thanks for the update Herby.  Glad the surgery went well.  Looking forward to seeing your Dad at SM.  Wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.

If you're looking for a volunteer for housekeeping and cooking ... I volunteer 99.   She'd be more than happy to help out, you and your brother Steve.  We should be arriving at SM on the 27th of this month.  I'll tell her once we get a little closer to the date.  She'll be so excited.  She loves to cook and clean.

Kim From MO
Glad to hear Herb Sr. is on the mend.  I'll keep him in my prayers for strength and healing. 

Good luck on your "volunteer" search.....
Gary Kennedy

Great to hear that the surgery went well!  Herby, please give your father my warmest regards.  Hope to see him at Sally Mountain!

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