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Mark Buonassissi


Ok, so..... sorry to have missed you in Wickenburg. I know what you mean about being "Stuck on the Golf Course in that Weather" I remember it well, the day you speak of... it was 77, super blue sky, not even a cloud anywhere, and no breeze.....Perfect for hitting the little white ball....The very next day, guess what???? I was "Stuck Poolside,all Day" it was brutal.

When I am not anywhere near waves I can surf, I am on the course, just before sunrise, teeing it up big time..... Herby, next time you are in this neck of the woods, you know, where the "Weather" is, use that Celly, and give me a shout out, and it's on .....I know the secret spot courses, all over this state of Arizona....

Anyways, back to the story and Julia and Herby and the cash......

My e mail for anyone that wants it, is my name at hotmail.com.. looks like this, markbuonassissi@hotmail.com, anyone is welcome at all times to e mail me......

Second, about Julia and the money? 

The facts are, that NO monies were transferred, as you boys claim, for the things I had to say about the best PREZ out there, Julia.....

She resembles every remark and then some, she earned those nice words the hard way, she worked for them.......So, fella's, ladies, have a great day, hope it includes hitting that little white ball, Herb, you are now Officially the Luckiest man on the Planet.....

You get to Golf and watch Sports, and be married to Rhonda, not in any order mind you............whew......and then on top of everything else, you have Julia............. You know as well as me Herby, ahhhh.....How Lucky You Are........... I am too though, so I can't say much....=)

We have to go hit that little white ball sometime when you are in the area, or an adjoining state........ I will drive for Golf...

Stay well all, the case is solved, carry on.

Mark Buonassissi


Mark...I would love to play some golf with you. I tell ya what. The best way to settle this Julia thing is man to man. (a little wager might be involved here ) We'll play golf, and if you win, I'll admit to being wrong about the Prez.  ( < you can tell I wouldn't like that much)  If I win, then I'm right, and you have to admit to your confusion about the Prez. I realize you're new here. But the Prez and I love each other about as much at 2 dawgs fighting over a fire hydrant. She always wins. She has control of the MB and deletes me more times than I can count. She knows it takes me a half a day to type these things, and deletes me just so I would have to type it twice, or three times. She has the power, so I have to take a poke at her when I can before she dele


See...she did it again!!!!!


In mid sentence no less....

Mark Buonassissi
Dear Herby,

It's on brother..........I will play, I will win of course, and you will have to say nothing but flowery, (is that even a word?) things about our dear PREZ for a minimum of one year....  IF, you have never hit the little white ball with a Surfer..........you are in for a treat, except for the losing part.....we Surfer's so dislike losing, at anything.....=)

You are one funny person, that much I know, now about the Golf part?, I guess that will take a little Mano e Mano, for which I am duly prepared for.

About the deleting thing, I think it more of a case of Herby not remembering where he was at any given moment, since I am older than you, I know how that is already.........Our wonderful PREZ just would not do such a thing, she is way to nice and sweet for any of that.......Julia my bank account # is ....

Just Kidding.....but not about the Golf part.....=) 

Mark Buonassissi
I'm loving this Mark I hope you are a great golfer!!!
I think I'm going to hurl now!!!!!!

Mark, A whole year???? I can't lose this match. There's no way I could shower the Prez with compliments for a whole YEAR!!!!!

Just got back from my heart Dr. in Columbia. Good thing he gave me a clean bill of health, or I might've had the big one when I read this.

OK Mark....I'm going to start training like Rocky right now. Putting lessons will be next. Then drive some nails with Mike G in Sodus Point NY. I should be ready by the next time you see me.

GLK...send me some of that seaweed stuff. I think this guy is serious. Courtney...I need some gumbo from Cagin country. Big Jim from the Cape...I need some fresh lobster....Don A....Bring the dogs and the musher to Missouri. I'll work out with them. It should toughen me up some. Susan...don't let the "Black Cat" put the jinx on me. Keep her under control. Somebody call the Golden Bear...I'm pulling out all the stops on this one. I HAVE to win!!!!!! I just love competition. I don't think I've ever played golf with a surfer before. Hanging 10 is not a good score in golf, Mark!!!
Mark...when I win, what do I get for my troubles?
Start practicing now Herby...... "Yes Prez.....Whatever you say Prez....You're ALWAYS right Prez"!!!!
Sorry Herby, I think you're in deep doo-doo...............

Hey Herb, I think the best way to settle this between you and Julia is to let the two of you duel it out in a knock down drag out ...... Fishing Tournament.  Now here's the deal.  In Palatka I'll  take you out for two hours and Julia out for two hours and see which one of you can cach the biggest bass.  The only thing is you are on your own, and I get to help Julia with location, tactics, presentation, etc... Well I never said it would be fair.  


Mark, Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread.  I think you are on the right track.  Some sort of competition to settle this thing once and for all.  Any body else got any ideas?  

Mark Buonassissi
Hey Herby,

So glad you are good to go physically, that as you know, is a very good thing, and I was worried about you anyway, those hospitals and all the docs and such, I know, I know... I go tomorrow myself for a small tune up.... 10 am it is. First I will get up at 4:am. run.. to the high school, run the stairs, till 5 am, then on the track for a quick couple of miles... good for the legs and your follow thru... that is Golf talk,for those of you that don't Golf.

After that, it is off to the gym to pump that pig iron.... I do that for like an hour or so...... then on the bike I go for another 7 or so miles, real good burn for the lower legs, also good when approaching the greens.... more Golf talk stuff... but then, I have my personal work out coach over, and we do another hour of grind it out, gut wrenching, weight ball to the stomach routine... a killer for sure, but you know what..... makes a person real steady on and around any and all greens, see I live for this Golf and Surfing stuff, well, music too.......Herby, I don't want you to worry, this is what I do on my off day......I will be able to swing the Golf Club.......all of em....

So, no worries Herby, have them send the entire Atlantic Ocean to your door, it is too little to late.....

Julia, no worries mate..... Herby is not going to win this thing, we are in this together uh......aren't we? OK, so I am alone on this one, that is OK. We play and let's say, and this is such the long shot, I lose... Now I know that is something none of us like to think about, but if that happens, I would have to pay the penalty..........

Herby, here is the beauty of sports, I already have you thinking, so it is up to you my friend, what would be a great exchange for a year of saying at least one thing super nice to our dear Julia, each day for one year? ok... ok let's make it 6 months for her sake.........ok 30 days....... for 30 days you have to say something super nice to her, even if you have to Cell phone her, to do so...

IF I lose, and I so doubt that, I have to start each and everyday for a maximum of 30 days...I have to post what a loser I am, and what a winner Herby is.......each day for 30 days.... if you have something worse in mind, let my people know......  by the way....

If I lose, it is on to Tennis, best out of three, then on to basketball, first one to 21, no fouls will be called, then we are on to table tennis, that's right, ping pong, then after that it is on, we will play darts and then...well, you get the idea Herby, we are gonna play something until I win..... For the PREZ!!

Mark Buonassissi

I'm in.....as long as I don't have to surf.

Mountaineer, I think you might be on to something. I'll fish!!!! Only bass count. 5 best keepers at the weigh in. She has to set the hook and reel them in by herself!!!

Never fear Katie...Herby is here. I was a 3 sport athlete in HS 32 years ago. I had a ping pong table in my basement. A crack shot at pool. Fished bass tournaments for 20 years. I'm also a 7 handicap in golf. I'll be fine. If my putter heats up, this match could be over in 10 holes.

I think if I win, the Prez will need to make a post every morning for a year that Herby is the greatest athlete and nicest guy in the whole world. Not to mention humble!!!!

Let the games begin!!!!!!
??? where are you Mark???
So, What has happened to Mark???
Is he running extra laps getting ready to beat Herby, or is he running Scared?

YEAH!!!!! I think Mark left town.

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