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Mark Buonassissi
Dearest Herby,

I am not sure how do address you now, should I say the Honorable Dr. Herby, or if just Herby will still suffice.... I have been severely ill with the flu the last 5 days... thought about you all a lot. especially Dr? Herby.

To answer your questions, no runnin scared for this guy.... I so look forward to our match.. You mentioned you had a 7 handicap, that is very good Herby, for you non Golfers, that is a very good Handicap.... I have no handicap, just something to think over Herby.......Don't get all nervous Herby, I wish we could make some cash for Charity.. Maybe we do Pay Per View? My gosh we could get a ton of people to pony up some dough.. Then there is always Cable, and if that fails, maybe even Network time.....

It will be the First Annual Herby and Mark Classic... the names will change of course, like next year, since I will win this years, I mean 2009, then it will revert back to the Mark and Herby Classic, until you beat me, then it will go back to the Herby and Mark Third Annual Classic.....and so on....

We just have to work out a time and place and I think we are good to go...

Working out like a champ as of today again, just prepping for the match....

Herby, are you still working out like you do most days?? I hope so...you may need that extra push up or 2......=) NO, have not forgot nor will I, just the time and place Senor...........

Looking forward to it all, the fame the glory, ahh, everything but the money!

Mark Buonassissi  

The other person on the planet as competitive as you.....=)

Sorry to hear you were sick Mark, but glad you are on the mend now. Don't excersize too much after your illness. I'm certainly not. Treadmill and Bowflex machine daily for me. No push-ups. Too hard on the body. Besides, it took years and millions of dollars to get the physique I currently have....wouldn't want to throw it all away on too much excersize.

I'll find a date in Arizona for the match. Most likely it will be the fall of 2009. I don't get out there often enough.

Have a good day.
Mark Buonassissi

Dear Dr. Herby.......

Thanks for the advice on not training all that hard... I know what you mean about ruining a world class athletic form.... but ah, I think I will continue with my training if that would be ok......... You are awesome for having us not play back east someplace... that "Weather" you spoke of is always outstanding here as you know...... and I don't fly anymore, so that will be perfect.....it will be a blast Dr. Herby. I was also thinking, I could get some free advice as to what to do should I lose this baby...............I will be like you would be, CRUSHED.... if this happens, and then what do I tell or PREZ?

Lots of questions for the Doc......

See you soon Herby, should be so fun......=)

Mark Buonassissi

PS. Some good reading for you. Get Tommy Armour's How to play your best Golf.........All the time... that way you don't have to hope your short game heats up, and it is just good reading.............=)

Want to play tomorrow? Just a little good ol fashioned humor for you...
So there you have it, the Classic will be on for early 2009, and I could not be a more happy human..... but then I wake up happy, so no big deal I guess...

Tom Alman
Hey Mark! yuo said you wake up happy! I'm just happy to wake up HEE! HEE!!!

Mark Buonassissi

That is funny, I should as you noted said, I am glad to wake up as opposed to not waking up, and I am a happy camper as soon as these ol eyes open..... God is great.... So are RV and the R....and Herby too!! Julia as well, there, did I forget anyone, yes I did.... Louise... she is super special as well......and everyone on this board too!!

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