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The Loving Wife/Daughters

It almost looks like an ironing board!!! lol   ..a remote?? and a piece of fitting for plumbing??? lol    probably not even close!

      Happy Birthday surprises are great!!
That sure looks like a roll of duct tape and an ironing board! I think she's making a suggestion for you to get to cleaning and fixing things Dear Herby!

   Guitar case!! (does he play guitar lol), duck tape, and new cell phone, he threw his old one in the pond! at the  golf course.     Linda

Roll of the "handy man's secret weapon"......duct tape.
Blackberry phone.
The big one....well......I was wondering   if by chance you brought anything home from  Sodus Point ......maybe from The Hammer or his trusty sidekick...... Lynn.       
My guess is that I am probably WAY off on this one!



Hmmm...ironic as I am sitting here contemplating Herby's gifts XM is playing Last Time Loving You



a golf bag, duct tape, pot scrubber.

ooh ooh!! I know!!   
I dont get to guess though thats cheating.  lol!!
I got it......Jenny F made Herb a leather....... decked out golf bag.  That way when Rhonda & Herb travel together Rhonda will have her beautiful mando case (that Jenny made her this year),also her gorgeous straps & Herb will have his very own Jenny F creation.   FOUR!!!!



Rhonda is giving Herb a Jenny F fiddle case for her new fiddle,

A roll of duct tape......men always need that.

A new Blackberry phone (iphone).....that way he can always be near her when she is on her travels.




My Guess:

A NEW 6 string acoustic guitar with case
A JennyF custom strap
Not sure about the 3rd thing, but could be a cell phone or a set of guitar strings or an electronic tuner, or a new wallet.

Do we have to guess the make of guitar?
I don't think it's Martin, Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, etc.....
My guess is a Blueridge. 

Very good 86!!! It's a Blueridge guitar with case. A very nice strap from JennyF. A Kyser capo, and a Next Best Thing pick.

Talk about hitting the jackpot!!!!!!

See the "Dear Herby" thread for a little musical history on myself.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Y'all are great!!!!

Missed the 3rd gift by that much ... would you believe ... THAT MUCH! 

Gift Photos


Wow, that looks like a great guitar and a great guitar picker!  Does it play any other chords besides E?


Oh, and that is quite a strap.  Great job, Jenny!

jimmy G
GLK herb has the E chord down pat, he will learn A and B later as he progresses.
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