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Jim & Jane
Jane and I would like to ask that you please keep Ben in your thoughts and prayers tonight...
He contacted us today around 11:15am to say he was in class but, was sick and worried about passing out.  He said his head felt like it was 70+ lbs and had a massive headache.  He also was shivering with general weakness and a stiff neck.   He was afraid that if he tried to get up he would pass out so he stayed seated till the class ended around 2pm.    Jane and I kept contact with him by texting and told him to get to the campus health clinic after class.   By the time he got to the front doors of the building he was totally drained of strength and feeling worse.    An ambulance was called and he was taken to a local hospital emergency room to be checked out.   Our greatest fear is that he has several symptoms that can be tied to menengitis.   He also has been tired constantly and sleeps ALOT!
Jane and I are a WRECK!!!!!!!!!!  We are 18 hours away and feel totally helpless.   Jane just talked with an RN that is helping with Ben and learned that his temp is around 102 but, they don't know what is wrong right now so they are doing all the usual lab/blood work and have ordered a CAT scan to be done very soon.  The scarey part is they have not ruled out doing a spinal puncture yet for menegitis.  They talked about it but, we will deal with one thing at a time.....
Needless to say, Ben is scared right now.   It is such a difficult thing, to be away from your child when they need and want you to be there with them..............
Please say some prayers for Ben tonight...  We are hoping for the best and appreciate your always being there for those needing support in the Rager family....  Thanks for listening and I will keep you posted.
Jim and Jane
Jim and Jane...I will keep Ben in my thoughts and prayers. Please let him know that we love him and want him to get better right away. Let us know if we can do anything.
Mike B
Jim & Jane - Our thoughts and prayers are with Ben and your family tonight.

Mike & Danita Brown
Cullman, AL
Jan V

My thoughts and prayers are with Ben and his parents.  Hope everything turns out ok.

Mike Garlock
Jane and Jimbo hang tuff.  Ben's in good hands, he's young and pretty tuff also.  Said a prayer for your Great Kid I know he will be OK.  Mike G.
Uncle Pen & Friend

We will surely keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.      

Gary Kennedy

Jane and Jim, I'm very sorry to hear about this.  Please extend my best wishes to Ben.  I hope that he will recover from this very soon.

I don`t know Ben or his parents personally but I feel bad when anyone has to suffer with health problems.

I hauled my brother to the emergency room in August with hives type rash and he left 9 days later as a type 1 diabetic.

Praying for people you`ve never met or known is something I can do.
Mary C. and Jim

Jim and Jane, our thoughts and prayers are with Ben and your family. We hope Ben will feel much better very soon.

Ann & Don A

Jane & Jim......Ben is in our thoughts and prayers.  We are also thinking and praying for both of you as well.  Tell Ben that we are thinking of him, eh!

Jim and Jane,

I'm been worried about him all day since he posted about it on his facebook.  I've been keeping up with him as best as possible between classes today.  I certainly hope it is not meningitis.  Please keep us updated on his condition.  Prayers are being said right now.



Jane & Jim , I certainly will pray for Ben. I know as parents you are worried sick and frantic at this time. Jane being a nurse makes it even worse as she knows the symptoms and needed test to confirm, or rule out possible diagnosis. Let us know how Ben is doing when you know.
Our prayers are with Ben!!!



Sweet Brenda
Our prayers are with Ben. 
Hang in there Jim & Jane my prayers are with you both also.

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