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Robert Hall
Jim and Jane,I will keep Ben in my prayers as well !..my best wishes to him for a fast rcovery,I hope it's nothing serious...

Poor Ben.. I hope he's alright. I'll be sure to keep him in my prayers.
Jim Hughes
Thank you all so much for the thoughts and prayers...   We have been in constant contact with Ben and the medical staff at the hospital so, we are doing our best to stay up to date.

All lab results are within normal range and the CAT scan results looked good as well.   So, they had to do what we hoped could be avoided and did a spinal tap type needle into the spine.   Initial results look good/clear which is very good.   Most likely he is free of any menengitis problems (thank God).    He is very sore now but, is resting kinda comfortably while they do IV fluids and antibiotics.

Doctor feels a few hours in the ER to watch over him and he should be released by morning..............  Just trying now to figure out why the headache is so persistant and the fever does not want to go down......

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers...

Praise the Lord!!

Very good news.  Hope he feels better soon!!!!

Ann & Don A

Glad to hear that.  We hope that he is feeling better soon. 

The Ol' Dawg

Hang in there, Ben - And, Jim and Jane, too !!!

Wonderful news!
Carol Cox

Am so glad to hear that tests for the menengitis look good. Hopefully the doctors will be able to determine what has caused his symptoms.Will continue to pray for Ben that he recovers soon and for all of you.

Tom Alman
Get well real soon Ben!!!

Kimberly Williams

I am so sorry to hear about Ben.  I noticed his Facebook status yesterday morning stated he had a 101 fever.  I never dreamed it was this bad.  Blake and I will say a prayer right now.  Please give him our love!!


Jim & Jane, So sorry to hear about Ben being so ill. Glad that things are looking better now and I hope for a full recovery soon. You all will be in our prayers.


Please know that my prayers are with your son, and with the rest of your family as well.

Uncle Pen's Friend
Jim, Jane and Ben,

You've been in my thoughts all since I read the post last night.   Here hoping that he's feeling better.   Keep us posted.  

Jane and Jim, I just now was able to get to my computer to read this post. I can't imagine what you've both been going through. Great news about the spinal tap results. I have stopped what I'm doing and have prayed silently for Ben and for the two of you. Please give my love to Ben and know that I love you all. Hang in there.
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